WATERS: A Pure Jazz Composer Traveling in Shen Zhen

HOLIDAY Media March 26, 2004 Shen Zhen     >>>      shenzhenholiday@vip.sina.com for copies write.

Greg Henry Waters is an American who studied music from the age of 7 and is now in his sixties.  He spent over 50 years on creating and performing music.  He has lived in Canada (six years) (Mexico 3 Years) (New York City 23 years) and Shen Zhen now for one year.  When in New York City Mr. Waters produced a TV Show for two years about music development and education.  He pursues the "pure music" which means the music that is just for music, not for marketing purposes.  But obviously his ideal is difficult to be adapted in a  our societies today.

His clothes in a very natural style express his character: the Flowered Sport Shirt and Black Cowboy Hat.  He often immersed himself into his own thinking and ignored our questions.  Sometimes it was good because we could understand what he was thinking.

"I am a creative artist living in a world that only reproduces mostly music that is commercial.  I think China which as separated it-self from the world for many years has not helped it stay pure and grow as a culture especially here in Shenzhen.  The Mayor has been telling everybody this last week.  All the citizens of Shenzhen need to improve their cultural position and attitudes.  Wow, I have been experiencing this here too but could not put it in those words.  I am so new here and it has taken me a long time to get use to the customs.  I have come from NYC the place of many cultures.  I look to the new comers here as brave and adventures people to work here in China.  So, I know that the people who go to the States must be adventurers and brave too."                            

He wrote a paper many years ago called The Dark Age of Music because creative people were only allowed to create in the dark or in their bedroom not at Sunday morning service like J.S. Bach did.  He lived in the most developed all around city in the world, so people say,  that he could not find any creativity and earning a living at the same time.  It was all based on the commercial community (earning a living).  It seems that history does not repeat itself but has gone backwards in the case of creative employment like J.S. Bach had.

He recorded and placed over 40 songs on his own website which were created by himself.  The people who are interested could go there and listen. http://greghenrywaters.com/mp3

He has always admired J.S. Bach.  He said he never has even come close to his life style and creating music every week.  We are living in the dark age of cultured music compared to Bach's opportunity to create music every-week and earn a living for his family.  "Bach had a captured audience.  The listener did not go to Bach and say I like this song or I like that song.  They were in church.  They had to sit there and listen.  This was not the EGO talking but this was God talking to them saying listen to this music."

He says it was helpful that coming to Shen Zhen to find out more about this world and himself.  "I am awake.  But who I am is a performer and composer.  If I do not perform I do not feel well.  If I do not create I do not feel well.  But thanks to the computer I can keep up my skills now even if I have no work or have no rehearsals with musicians."

He wrote a group of songs and music especially for Shen Zhen:  Grooving In Shen Zhen, Chinese Melody, Swing Down China Lane, Shopping in Shenzhen for a Cell Phone to name a few.  Some of the songs are based on traditional Chinese melodies.