These letters are the documentation I wrote in dealing with a club owner here.  My point is that his only purpose was to pretend to be my friend and that he could extort my knowledge from me and not feel responsible to pay my fee for this service.  He did offer me 10% of what I ask for.  This is the third time I did work here without a written contract and took people's word and trusted them to do the right thing.  They never did the right thing and broke their word every time with a smile.


This is my bitter lessons in learning about Shenzhen.  I hope in the future I will be treated with more respect and get paid for my professional services and be treated like a world class musician that I am.  I hope this can help other people in dealing with the local businessmen here.  When I complained about this situation my friends said he is a businessman.  Well,  if he is a businessman my word for it is con-artist not businessman.  Not that the USA is any better I hear corruption stories on the TV everyday.  This is my first experience with this level of corruption though.  Usually big business is involved in these kind of situations not a small independent one.


This has been the one of the biggest waste of times in my life.  Trying to improve a con-artist into a real professional.


Faxes to night club owner and His Staff:


We talked about three topics.

Finding qualified musicians!

Having me perform with a group with local musicians and performing with international level musicians.

Also, I could perform with musicians from Hong Kong. I have found some on the internet but do not know them personally. Would take some time and money to meet them.

Dear night club owner:

I really enjoyed meeting you and talking about how to improve the jazz club and create a more professional jazz situation in your clubs.

My idea was to practice with the musicians in your club during the day time. And maybe later play with them a few nights a week on special music nights we could arrange.

This way I would be happy and you would be happy because you would have an international level performer in your club every week. The E band has really improved since the last time I played with them.

I am sorry I did not play for you but I have had so many disappointments with the music community here I am not very trustful and must have a written contract before I do anything more in Shenzhen.

You can listen to my music at my internet site.
Also you can read about my experiences in China.

I am sure my friend Ellen would help you get some articles printed in the local newspaper about my working for you and you trying to make Shenzhen a modern international city.  Plus the Cultural Department here should participate because they want this kind of activity here, but want to keep all the money to themselves is the latest story. This is something we would have to work on with them. I told them if they want real music it has to be supported by the Hotel Industry, Businesses, Clubs and their Department or the City of Shenzhen.  Also the manager of the symphony, Lo Ming, would want to participate in booking some of your groups in other parts of China - once we get a program developed. But this is in the future.

II. Booking Musicians from the States.
Your fee of 2000 or more dollars a month ,20,000 RMB, is not enough money for the musicians unless they are really desperate for work and usually they are not very good musicians. And apartment in NYC costs at least 1000 dollars a month. They must cover their expenses and earn some money too.  I think if we hire maybe one musician from there and use local musicians to back them up it might work.  The known jazz acts cost from 5000 dollars to 15000 dollars a concert for one night plus expenses and all taxes and hidden costs.  This is for a concert in a jazz festival. But
since you have so many clubs you could have your own jazz festival and get the local hotels, booking agents and business community to sponsor the event.

These are things you can think about for the future.

III Performance Spaces
I have been in three of your clubs with Martin and The E Band. And of course the club last night in which we discussed the sound system. I must say the sound of your piano, the tone, is very good I wonder who your piano tuner is?  I have not found a good one yet and we have had our piano tuned three times and is still not in tune..

All your clubs could have jazz nights.  As you know the supper club needs the most work for live performance and you are going to change that so that is no problem. 
Your show room in the back is really wonderful but the placement of the musicians on the stage is for loud rock music not for real jazz.

Remember the sound manager should be a professional musician not an equipment man when it comes to sound or a DJ. Their ears are dead when it comes to classical music or jazz.

I think that room would be great for creating DVD's with the known acts and record companies. You could start your own record company or use others. I think you should think of your club as a place to record DVD's, CD's and VCD's.

The problem with sound systems and music as most music is pop music the sound controllers know nothing about live acoustic music and they put everything too loud and last night was a good example.

I think we could work out two or three days teaching and two or three days performing. We could come up with a monthly fee. Meals and transportation to work is very important for me.

My services would include performing, booking of musicians here and overseas, sound system management for the jazz performance, and coaching the musicians to make sure they are growing and learning.

The Musicians

Also I believe the musicians should have one day off or two days off a week. They need time too think. Martin has not grown at all since I saw him he is so nervous about working.  He needs time to develop and work on his music. Also his singer seems over worked too. Plus they need a drummer their bass player is not good enough to make the band swing.  They want me to play with them but it is too much work and not enough joy for me until they improve.

 The E Band is a nice group of musicians and all very good friends.  They have worked on what I told them to do in February. They need to play with me more so they know what jazz is more.

Your young singer friend really has a lot of talent and She just needs some arrangements and some musicians to back her up and more focus on what She is doing. Plus She seems to be a stable person and warm heart.

I would like to find some real musicians for me to play with here in Shenzhen.  I have one musician whom I have a lot of confidence in, but he does not know much jazz literature but he can really play it though. I have a drummer I worked with at the dance company and a bass player but he does not live in Shenzhen, the bass player.  But both mature people and musicians. I think I could get the bass player to play a few nights a week though. He has an apartment in Shenzhen but lives two hours from here in Capital.  I would like to perform modern jazz, fusion jazz, main stream, and swing and Dixie nights too.  We could have a night for each in this way you could get different kind of a crowd to come in different nights and a reason for promoting your club in the News.

I look forward to a positive relationship with you.


Greg Henry Waters


Greg Henry Waters

Shenzhen, China (86 755) 8353 2883

Mobile Phone 13510896962

Suggested Plan and fee 12500 RMB Per Month Greg Waters Work Plan at Night Club Bar, Shenzhen, China

I.       5 Day Week: 4 days with musicians coaching. Group work and private coaching


1. Four hour day 3 to 7 or 4 to 8 or 2 to 6 or 9 to 12 or p.m. or 10 to 1 a.m. depending on the work plan.     

      a. One day administration day (planning day for Night Club Events) or field trip day to find musicians in the surrounding area.

II. Work at Home: Off Hours         

      1. Booking Musicians

      2. Writing and Arranging Music

      3. Practicing

      4. Planning the Musicians Teaching Plan & Performance Plan

            a. Each musician has a different problem and different need.

III. Expenses

      1. Taxi 80 RMB Per day

       2. Supplies - Music Books for Musicians and needed supplies

       3. Copy Machine for musicians learning new songs.

       4. When I spend my money for Night Club events or work need to hand in                      receipts.

IV. Extra Pay for Extra Work and Performances

      I would like to control my work time not be on call all day and night. Would           like to set limits within reason.      

I never agreed to your deal I just thought I would wait and see what happens. Of course I soon found out you are out of control and have little respect for others who do not fall into your pattern of behavior.

I gave your Music Manager and Asst. Manager this spreadsheet of the cost it would be to have me there. They paid the amount you told them. You told me to be there from 3.30 to 11.30 at night. You did not ask my opinion about this you just said it as if you know everything.

You spoke so strongly I did not want to create a fight about it. It was a very strange request especially since I do not speak Chinese. You are upset with me you should know that I am upset with you. Your friendly smile only works for a few days and then one learns the truth.

Now I know why Frog was so upset the day of the rehearsal he sensed something really wrong.

My Spreadsheet for your review.









Daily Data

Days of Work Per Week


Per Day

Daily pay per hour


and Week

3 Sets a day



Number of Weeks in Month



Taxi Fee Per Day



Fee Per Day



Fee Per Day Four Sets



Fee Per Day Five Sets





Monthly Data

Taxi Trips Per Month



Taxi Cost 80 RMB






Fee for Three Sets


Total Fee

Total with Taxi Fee





Over Time

4 Sets a Night per month


Per Month

5 Sets a Night per month





Pay Day

Every 28 days Sept 16.


Maybe you will honor my request maybe not.


Greg Henry Waters

Artist of Music

Willie Cheung


Dear Mr. Cheung:

I listened to Mr. night club owner Opinions last night and I thought I should write my opinions.

Would you please read this to him in Chinese?

I agreed with everything he said: “I will try to explain my answers”

A. I cannot be music manager because I do not speak Chinese. This has been a great frustration to me because I want to talk to Mr. night club owner directly and I cannot.

I never wanted to be music manager, but he placed me in that position. I am much too straightforward and completely honest to be a manager. I am a teacher and performer of music. This is who I am and an original artist, not a bar performer. If you want Kenny G hire him not me.

B.    Suby was not there last night to tell me what to do. I did not perform because no one told me to perform. I was told to get a band to rehearse and not perform every night. I was told; by Ellen that the Music Manager did not like my CD performance so, I did not know what to play and that I should play just solo saxophone. I have my opinion too. The other groups, Martin and E Band, have set performances they play every night. To me this is not jazz and I thought I was hired to play jazz and bring more jazz to the nightclub or super club. I would say it is more like a Holiday Inn Dinning Room and not a nightclub or show lounge super club. However, this is my opinion just as if Mr. night club owner has his opinions.

C. I think the band I put together last night played great considering the amount of time we played together and their experience in real jazz. Mr. night club owner was comparing this band to the group he hired from Shanghai. They had three professional jazz musicians from the States there is no comparison really. To mention it shows a sign of wanting to be on some kind of judge mental trip.’ He would like to be a musical artist himself.’ I think he is really being out of control there and on some kind of ego or power trip.

1.      I am a teacher here. I came here to teach. I explained that to Mr. night club owner, but he wants me just to play in his clubs without teaching. I do not know how to resolve this problem! There still are no professional musicians here to play on my level of music. So what can I do nothing really. Frog can do nothing too because he has no one to perform with either.


D. The BIGGEST problem I have experienced in his clubs is the sound engineers and having to perform without a sound rehearsal for the first time for me is musical suicide. The rooms are being used all the time. When is one to use them for a sound check?

E.  The bass was so loud last night I thought I was being hit over the head with a hammer. I could not hear the piano; maybe he was not playing so much. My sound was so distorted that it hurt my ears to listen to it. Only musicians understand this so I cannot expect Mr. night club owner to understand it. We did not hire the piano player to play solos just to fill in the sounds for the solos.

F.      Mr. night club owner knows a lot about music when he listens to it. Can he play one note of music I hardly think so?

G.      I thought I was hired to give my professional opinion not to agree with everything Mr. night club owner says.

H.      Just as Jana Jana was so upset about the sound system and getting it to work right was my feeling there too. So Mr. night club owner does not accept this situation so what can I do nothing. He can run his club without me, no problem.

I.      I think he should stay in the disco and entertainment business and stay out of the serious music performance business. For jazz is a serious music not an entertainment. Glen Gould a famous concert pianist said music is on CD and DVD’s not live performing is not real anymore. Just another opinion of course.

I came to China to contribute to the musical culture here in Shenzhen and help to musicians grow in international music. I can do that with Mr. night club owner help or not. After all, it is the musicians who remember what I do for them not the public or Mr. night club owner.

He can ask every musician in the bar if I helped them I am sure they all will say that I did. So I am doing my job here in Shenzhen.


Greg Henry Waters

I will not be going to TrueCOLOR anymore because the music manager told Ellen my services were no longer needed.


To: Cecelia:

From: Greg Waters




My situation with night club owner is not your problem. Please do not try to make up for his poor professional behavior.


It is not your responsibility. I have never come across such behavior before. Ellen says it is because he is so young. I do not know or care. At this moment, I cannot do anything for him until I am paid.


I will not perform for him ever unless I get the money up front. I cannot recommend any musicians to him. If anybody talks to me about his place of business, I can only repeat my story. I just cannot trust him. He has so little respect for my professionalism. This is what bothers me the most his lack of respect for me or pretended respect. A man’s actions show his true feelings not his nice smile.


China is a young country and has so many things to learn about living in this modern world.


China laws has not caught up with the change in society.


He is free to act in any way he likes and he does. But that does not mean he will get my co-operation.



Greg Henry Waters


What is your e-mail so I can send you e-mail and maybe we can meet in HK or in Shenzhen on a more friendly situation and conversation. I am there on Wednesdays.



To: Cecelia:

From: Greg Waters




My situation with night club owner is not your problem. Please do not try to make up for his poor professional behavior.


It is not your responsibility. I have never come across such behavior before. Ellen says it is because he is so young. I do not know or care. At this moment, I cannot do anything for him until I am paid.


I will not perform for him ever unless I get the money up front. I cannot recommend any musicians to him. If anybody talks to me about his place of business, I can only repeat my story. I just cannot trust him. He has so little respect for my professionalism. This is what bothers me the most his lack of respect for me or pretended respect. A man’s actions show his true feelings not his nice smile.


China is a young country and has so many things to learn about living in this modern world.


China laws has not caught up with the change in society.


He is free to act in any way he likes and he does. But that does not mean he will get my co-operation.



Greg Henry Waters


What is your e-mail so I can send you e-mail and maybe we can meet in HK or in Shenzhen on a more friendly situation and conversation. I am there on Wednesdays.


Greg Henry Waters
Shenzhen, China (86 755) 8353 2883 Mobile Phone 13510896962
HK Mobile, Call on Wednesdays Only 60875590


Personal Site 

Non-profit site






I got some new information for you. Since you do not send me e-mail I thought I would write you.


night club owner has been lying to musicians ever since he opened up his club. When you said he invited me there because I am his friend is such a lie that it is hard to believe you would say something like that. I can only say that you are participating in his extortion of his employees. You see, he offers one price and pays another. He has been doing this ever since he opened up his club 4 or 5 years ago.


I know this because I met a musician in HK who told me this.


Anyway, I got sucked in because he has the only jazz club in Shenzhen, but not for long other clubs are going to open up.


Stop lying to me about how wonderful night club owner is he is a simple con artist as we say in the States.


I finally found out the truth and I can put it to rest now.


Greg Waters




Do you not read my letters I try to make them as clear as possible?


Below I underlined all the important lines were I told night club owner not to call me if he does not pay me.


I gave Suby (for free) over 400 USA dollars worth of music that I brought from the states. She uses that information every night. It does not include transportation fees either. I spent over 2500 dollars on airplane tickets and visas. I think this is enough giving for night club owner do not you. Tell night club owner he is so out of line for me.


If he cannot afford me do not call me this is the third time I have told him that. I do not need his money. However, I do want to be paid for my services. I have no reason to be in night club owner's club if I am not paid. If night club owner wants to visit with me that is OK, but not at his place of business. This is how I earn my money. I am his friend and wish him the best in his life. This is my profession. This is how I earn my money. I was a top professional in NYC I did the best work with the best musicians when I was there.


I got tired of the music scene there and I left. Maybe I will get tired of here and leave here too.


Greg Henry Waters


Trying to convince me of night club owner's way will not do it. I have been there before. I know what it is like. I am not a new comer when it comes to dealing with the Chinese. This country has to learn to deal with outsiders. Because I tried to work with night club owner I am in this problem. You see he works with me but will not allow me to work with him. This is the way he does business.


Maybe you will come upon this problem one day and decide to go elsewhere.




Please read this letter again and understand it. You did not seem to understand it yesterday. I am in HK today will not be home to take your call if you call me. But you can send me e-mail if you want. I prefer e-mail.

To: Night Club Bar

Subject: Payment of Fee


Dear night club owner:


I do not understand your treatment of me. I must say this situation is a first for me. You have money for hotel fees, airplane fees, musicians fees, (COCO and Scotty groups) but you have no money for me and even you have money for rebuilding your restaurant. Do not you think this is a little disrespectful?


I think it is. I have been playing jazz since before you were born some 40 years professionally and 10 years before that when I started to learn. I seem to be the only experienced professional jazz musician in this Shenzhen and Hong Kong area. Now, why am I not being paid the money I deserve?


What is your problem with me? Or better yet, what is your problem with yourself? Have I miss treated you in some way? Have I hurt your feelings? You paid the terrible pop singer from Canada 6000 for one night. What is going on again? I do not understand. What makes you think I work for no money? I told you in my last letter do not call me unless you are willing to pay me.





Three days of per-diem work 1500 a day total 4500.

Evening with Coco                                                                        1500 

Review of Subys CD                                                                   2000



Anyway, your reputation is following you I met a musician in Hong Kong who knew all about your ways and dealing with musicians. This is your problem not any others problems. I met a musician who has a band and I tried to get him to call you but he would not because of your reputation.



Greg Henry Waters

Artist of Music



Night Club Club Manager

Dear night club owner:

I told Ellen not to call you. She called you without my permission. You change your mind every five minutes. It is not good for a relationship to develop.

I must answer your answer to Ellen.

Ellen said, “Please do not send this letter just forget it.” However, I must try to fight for real art and your personal abuse against my skill and life.

A good manager will listen to the right people before he makes decisions.

Are you doing that? You did not want to listen to me you just thought I wanted to criticize your place and your musicians. This is so far from the truth. I wanted to make your club into a real jazz club that you asked me to do.

You are a man who thinks he can make all the decisions for others in your business life. Well you can if you want but you have lost my respect by acting in this way. I will not recommend any body to work for you. For your lack of communication with me and lack of business respect for me is a new first in my life. Especially because I am older now and have the real experience.

My fee for per-diem work (which means no weekly work) is 1500 per day. Therefore, for three days it would be 4500 RMB.

Please review the spreadsheet I gave Willie on the day of our talk that you were there. I guess he did not show it to you! I later learned this is how you carry on business you are never there at the time of the deal.

Alfred from Italy said this about China: He has lived in China for 25 years; he told me “I could not work with the Chinese it will never work.” I guess he was right. I will be looking to American owned businesses or international businesses to work for from now on.

If you do not want to honor my request, give the 700 to Frog the Guitar Player. I do not accept that amount of money.

Greg Henry Waters



Review: A night with CoCo

I have been thinking about the night with CoCo and what I thought. Well, I was very impressed with CoCo. I liked him a lot. I was even more impressed by his piano player. The bass player had a nice feel to his rhythm all though the sound was not the greatest, but it got better as the night went alone.

The situation, night club owner, I think you can make a cd with CoCo and his musicians and it will be on an international level. The drummer is a problem though. I explained to him about what was lacking in his drumming and rhythmic feel the other night. I had CoCo explain to him my thoughts on the situation and he was very thankful. We could go to Shanghais and do the recording and find a drummer there I hope. We could maybe do one song with Suby, but she is not ready to do a CD; She has so many breathing problems and tone problems in her voice even though She is so talented.

The trumpet player needs a lot more experience playing and he has problems with his tone. He does not know how to warm up his lips to perform correctly I was going to tell him, but decided not too. The tenor player was very good, but more of an ensemble player he needs to develop his sound and solo style. He seemed very confused by me - a NY musician in China.

The drummer played some nice solos, but jazz is about rhythmic feel; playing with the bass and piano rather than excellent solos. He still has to learn that.

Everybody seemed happy about my playing. My thought was that I just was doing my job as a sideman not really playing my music. Just playing with the group and making it as professional and exciting as possible under the present conditions of the style and musical understanding of the musicians. I was helping them understand more about jazz and jazz performance not playing my music what ever that is.

The piano player was great it really surprised me; and I thought I played jazz for the first time in China.

Just a few thoughts about the other night with COCO.

If Frog and I are going to play at the Night Club? We need to rehearse with the trio so we can contribute something and not just play a job for money.

Money: I have not been paid for my work. Are we ever going to come to an agreement??

My Time: I do not know what my plans are. I have a job coming up four nights a week, but the starting night is not set due to working permissions. So if I play at your place two nights or one night and I have one day in Hong Kong, now, makes three days of work, in HK which will probably be two or three days in the near future. Next week I have two days in Hong Kong already. All is not settled yet.

My Saturday job is discontinued for a while until the owner can work out his internal problems with his partners. I also will teach English a few days on the weekend. You see I need money to pay for Leslie’s Schooling here since the local Government does not admit non-nationals in their schools.

Ellen is going to Germany for 10 days on the 10th so I guess I will be very free to do what I want and Leslie is in School during the week. I just have to be home on the weekend to take care of her.

All my best,

Greg Henry Waters



Greg Henry Waters

13510896962 English Only


CD Night Club Jazz Band Review

By Greg Henry Waters Music Consultant

You have a restaurant Jazz band now: Congratulations from me.

Review Notes: This is with my best wishes for wonderful performing please accept with a positive attitude.

Subys needs to work on her English pronunciation and diction. Some of

Words are not clear and they run together. She has to work on her words and rhythm matching.


Subi pushes to much air through her mouth and the sound has distortion.


The tempos of the songs are wrong they really do not swing as hard as they should because they are too fast. The bass and drum are playing on top of one another not giving each other space. (No Tension) The piano player’s harmony comes from the early 60’s he should work on trying to find his own harmony rather than traditional jazz harmony all the time. I feel I am in a college rehearsal room listening to a jazz band.


These are all head charts no real harmony or arrangement to set them apart from other bands.


The Trumpet player plays a traditional bebop jazz style and blues feel. His melodic development needs to be worked on he plays the same riffs, over and over again, which is hard not to do in jazz. His volume level is always the same he never plays soft or loud always the same. His musicianship is very good always in tune and with a nice jazz feel.


The piano player and bass player have to learn to play together and not always play in a blues style, but really play together like the great jazz bass players and piano players do. This takes time and cannot be learned in a few weeks.

The group is young and needs much experience before they play their own jazz.

This is a good demo tape but not CD quality at this time for public release.


Fee: night club owner you still need to pay me for my three day consultant fee which I requested from you of 4500 RMB. I did not work for you as a musician. I would not play with your bands I was a consultant for you. My fee for this review is 2000 RMB.


Although, I have a lot of respect for you in your successful business this is not a favor.

I charge for my services. Sincerely, Greg Henry Waters





From Greg Henry Waters

Composer, Conductor and Performer


To night club owner: Owner Partner Night Club Bar:


I wanted to bring up (the subject of) your treatment of me and how discussing it has been. (I am hoping) some day you will realize how you took from me: my time, my dignity, my knowledge, my pay, and my friendship. You used my friendship for your own fucking self. A sweet smile and flashing money around does not impress me. I performed for the riches and most powerful people in the world and performed with all the famous musicians back to Duke EIlington. You cannot impress me with your money, cars, houses, night clubs, jazz bands, boats or whatever.


I am 60 years old and have seen all the shit in the world. This is why I came to China to see what is going on here. All the musicians in Shenzhen know how little you have paid your musicians and because there is no other work and they love music they do it. But, do not think for a minute that they have real respect for you as their boss. I think you are a good leader, but that does not mean you all always right in your thinking or actions.


I am wondering why you gave me that CD to take more of my knowledge from me? Well, I gave you a review but I see no money or no thank you. I see just greed and taking. I do not see any giving. I would think after a few days you would have your manager contact me. Or even Suby would call me. She is a little girl and is not responsible for her actions, but someday it will catch up to her if She does not act more responsible. I do not know really. Some people go through life without being hurt by anything.


I heard the bass player and trumpet player left. Maybe that is good or not, but I am glad some people do not agree with your behavior. I really like Li and he will be a good bass player someday. I hope you can keep him.


Your contract with me was completely false and a lie. I never agreed to it. I ask your General Manager to discuss it with you, but he never did. Ellen was no help either She just wanted me to be busy and out of her hair. She told me what you said about me I only complain. I do not complain I try to make things better. It is a wonder you listen to all my complaints and act of them. This is why I am charging you for my consultant fee. They are positive suggestions to make your club a real jazz club and not some make believe club.


Anyway, just because I am pleasant and warm when I visit the musicians at your club does not mean I accept your treatment of me. In contrary, It is only a form of politeness and respect for my character not yours. They need help to develop (the musicians) and I can help them when I can and if I have a little time. It is amazing what a little suggestion can do to change a person. You do not care for the musicians well being just your club. This is an employers responsibility. You could not make a dime without your employees. All your money comes from your employees and your cusElleners.


I hope these suggestions may change you. Please do not ask me to do anything for you except if you are willing to pay me. My total fee to you at present is now 6500 RMB.


I would be willing to perform with the trio, not Suby, with Frog, at your club one or two nights a week providing the fee was proper. Also, we could play original music and classic jazz standards. Then I think you could call your club a real jazz club and not a Diane Krall Jazz Band which is not jazz it is a form of pop jazz. This is what you want commercial jazz not real jazz.

If you want to be bandleader and music critic I do not want to work for you ever. If I work for you just leave us alone and let us play our music.


You told me you wanted a Blue Note Jazz Club. I think you should think what that really means. Having a singer front the band is not jazz but entertainment.


I hope you can get my meaning so if and when you talk to me we can understand each other.


I hope you can face your short comings!!!!!!!!


Our first step to repair our relationship is for you to pay me. If you do not want to repair our relationship that is OK too. I just will be your competition in this city.



Greg Henry Waters





Payment for Greg Henry Waters



Getting a ride home in a car is not payment for a job. Or having a cup of coffee is not payment neither.


I said in my last fax, if you do not pay me do not call me.

I wish you would do your homework and get things straight.

I am not the one who said this.


I think that is clear; dont you?


I even had to pay for dinner one night and you owe me money. What bull shit on the highest level.


Greg Henry Waters


Night Club Bands


night club owner:


I was thinking you had a tenor, trumpet, and me there the other night.


I wrote 10 arrangements for tenor, trumpet, Alto and Trombone. All we have to do is get a trombone player and we have a nine-piece band. This I arranged for the Dance Company.


Frog can play the rhythm part since there are not any other piano players and Kevin would play tenor. Or Martin could play piano too.


The music is all main stream jazz like COCO played.


Greg Waters


Just an idea I do not know what you have in your head about your music at Night Club.


But, you like singers and not horn players. But for me singers do not play jazz it is pop jazz.


This could give your customers a variety of music so they do not see the same thing every week.





Is any body there? Is anybody alive?


Waiting to be paid!!!!!


Greg Henry Waters


Conclusion:  It was an interesting study about a man who is completely two faced.  I did this to try to understand what is going on. Nothing.

This has been the one of the biggest waste of times in my life.  Trying to improve a con-artist into a real professional.