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J. S. Bach the premiere composer of all time.  His b minor mass is suppose to be his all time work of art.  I was listening to it today or several times in this past week for I have been arranging and composing music this last month for a couple of cds I am working on for publication here in China.  I am reflecting on what is music and where should it be going? 


After listening to the mass in b minor there is no place for music to go really.  We cannot improve on music, but may only compose a new version or style equal to this piece of music.  Music has come into its own with this piece of music written during Bach’s life around 1750.  My point is that he does not separate vocal and instrumental music but considers them to be one form of music.  He treats the vocal singers and instruments all as one unit and gives them an equal part.  Not like our modern pop-stars do where they sing and a musician might get two measures to perform their part.  I must say from my view point these people are nothing but parasites on our culture and way of life.  Bach does not ask the congregation for their opinion but composes music that he believes to be music and not what the lay people think.  In our market economy music has gone to the dogs ‘whom are homeless in the street’ I may ad.  Everybody is running after the all mighty dollar and not giving ‘two cents’ for real music or even trying to have a standard.  It is all about money.  There is nothing wrong with money it is how people use it that is important.  The David Letterman Show is a good example and Ricky Martin’s Band is another good example with groups with great musicians but they do not get an equal voice. Bach would never allow this to happen because he was a musician not an mentally sick entertainer.


I wrote a note to some of my musicians friends and said half joking there is nothing but commercialism in music.  I am beginning to think it is true. Well, how can one be an artist if it is all about pleasing people who know nothing about the art and development of music?  When I lived in New York City, I still live there and have my apartment there but have been living in China and Mexico the last 3 1/2 years.  I learned how little musicians knew about harmony and classical music. They had a very limited view of what music was and should be.  It really did not extend much beyond their working situation.  So what was I going to do in such an environment I asked myself?


I did what I could do I wrote music that the musicians could understand and perform but did not really create completely original music liked I wanted too because how could I get people to perform it.  I know Bach came up against this problem too because he talked about it during his life time.


My point is I am doing the same thing now not really composing music that is completely free and original but putting up rules and barriers to creativity.  However, I am still trying to be creative to some extent.


I also learned I am not a fulfilled person if I do not practice and play my instruments.  I am not too interested in public performance.  Though, I want to perform even if only in my apartment.


To conclude this section:  To be creative in our time is so difficult because one cannot create in a completely commercial world.  All you have to do is listen to the music before each newscast on TV to understand the sickness our media companies are involved in.  They certainly are not awake as Buddha said.  “I am awake.”


I received a great letter and an honest letter from, a young Chinese Musicians, Mico.  Wow, do we need more people like him in China. 


Best to all of you in 2004.

Greg Henry Waters


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Note: I arranged and composed 13 or more original songs this last month for the cds.  At least I am doing something and trying to contribute to the culture here.



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