About our election 2004 by Greg Henry Waters


Ever since I left graduate school (1966) the American government has made me somewhat emotionally sick with their behavior both in public and in private.  You see, because most of the decisions made in our government are half truths


  (Means that part of what the government says is true; make many excuses to explain to the public what they are doing.  It is not the truth at all; the truth, it is half the truth.
 They hide the truth in bills they pass in congress.  The public never knows what they are doing.  It is like the trucks in
Iraq.  They are not safe for the army the men are getting killed because of poor equipment because the government spent the money on something else. )

Or some political action group forcing the President to make decisions that are important to the particular action group and not loyal to the nation.  This is my main point. Do our Presidents act in a way that is loyal to the nation and world?

Since this President, Bush, got elected by vote fraud, last election

When Bush got elected President he won because of the vote count in Florida. They, government did not count 16,000 black votes which would have made Gore President.  They had a review in the Senate about these votes and the government only needs one senator to protest this and the votes would have been counted, but no one did.  This is very strange.  This was in the 9/11 movie. 

 This election Nov, 2, 2004 is very interesting election if one likes to watch corruption, lies and extremely aggressive behavior by Bush.  (Kerry has taken acting lesson and is demonstrating the same behavior as Bush)  Now Kerry is acting in the same way in order to get the people to vote for him, instead of Bush, because he has the same tone of speech. (He talks in a loud voice and uses his hands this is a blue collar type worker not an educated man's way)  Bush acts like a common man from the country.


We are still living in the age of our civil war. When the south would not let the African Americans vote or they bought their vote for a penny or whatever.  They would not let them register because they made all these rules. To register to vote they had to know certain questions, and or whatever, so they would never pass the test to get their name written on the voting records.  They did the same thing during the last election, but they just canceled the African American vote in Florida.  Even Gore was in on it in the Senate, he did not protest this action nor did any of the Senators present.  I am wondering what is really going on.  Are there really two parties or is it something else going on.  Is there a hidden society within the USA that makes these decisions?  Something is going on but I do not know what.  This is to be an open society, but in many ways it is not.  I do not have the time or energy to look into this idea, but I have thought about it for a long time.

Bush's Grand Father helped Hitler raise money to build his empire.  So it is a wonder what Bush really thinks in his heart. 
My own brother is 110% for Bush.  My friend, Dr. George Mc Cauley said that he is writing an article about the election where he is going to place the face of Bush on five different types of workers in the mid-west because these are the people who support Bush.  I do not talk to any body about these things too much because it is very sad for me that my country has such a poor vision of the truth. And it is really hard to find out the truth because there is so much cover up or censorship of one form or another.

And how can you talk to someone who is 110% for Bush I do not want to start a civil war.  It is so sad for me that people cannot think but only think like a TV Set and repeat what they hear.  Even in music people just repeat what they hear they do not really create anything it is just like an old movie nothing new anymore.

The money that they spent on this election for me is just a waste of money.  They should only allow three months to promote their party and election this election and other Presidential elections go 1 1/2 to 2 years.  They say the same thing over and over again.  They insult each other, they lie to each other and they change their view.  I said to a friend. If Bush or Kerry are men I do not want to be a man. I think a man has a different definition of a man. I believe our view of what a man is is so wrong and men think they are men, but they are just robots with no real thoughts.  This is what the election is to me.  They say the same thing over and over again that it is like a TV Set or video it never changes. 

When the Republicans were in NYC the police arrested young students and kept them in jail for a few days when this country has a law to protect protesters.  Where are the laws now? What is really going on?

Boston the police killed a woman with rubber bullets because of the Red Sox disturbance. Is this freedom getting killed because you are at a celebration for a baseball team winning the World Series?

Everybody here is waiting for the next bomb. They think it will come in the next few days during the election.  I do not know, but this is what people are talking about.

It is sad that the election is about big money and big connections. 
America has always suffered from the fact that it doesn't have a royal family like the British have.  So we try to make our Presidents the royal family.  I think we should change the name to care taker of our nation.  Mr. Care Taker not Mr. President is the saying No a Care Taker is a humble quiet person like the gardeners who take care of the flowers in Shenzhen.   I see Bush in my mind saying you know my values, you know what I will do to protect our nation from the out-side world.  These statements really scare me; because he does not have the flexibility to change his mind, to do the right thing. He will just act out his promises not do what is best for our country.

This is what President Johnson did he thought about him-self being the first President to lose a war in
Vietnam. So he just sent more troops there to try to win the war.  So, many more boys lost their lives because he did not want to lose face.  Is this a real President? I hardly think so.  This is not the face of a care taker.

I wonder how history will view
Clinton. Was he a care taker? Did he take care of our nation?  I do not know, but the Republicans kept attacking him and attacking him so what he was doing was covered up.  It would be interesting to see how well Clinton would do in our list of President's Ratings. It seemed to me he was a great President.

I personally hope that there will not be a bombing of our people and that Kerry will get elected.  But knowing the sickness in this country I cannot say this for sure.  Time will tell and the world will move on and we can only watch the circus go on.  When I was in
Shenzhen, China, near Hong Kong, I had the same feeling. I could not do anything to help the culture grow there.  The local people were just like the people in the mid-west with their minds, ideas and local standards.  It was all about special interest groups and political power.

I am still looking for honest people. I can only find a few and these few accept the corruption, the ignorance and the will to have money and only money.  I walk in my neighborhood, in the Bronx and I see these little men all puffed up in their minds because they have a business and money.  Does this mean you are a man?  I hardly think so.  Is President Bush I man? I hardly think so.  I think because Kerry is flexible and can change his mind that he is better for our country and will be a Care Taker and not a President.

So the real problem with society is the quality of its people and the quality of its leaders.  I am not sure where our country is going or what the true quality of its people are?  I know a lot of the problems we have go back from our Civil War. These problems are still with us.  Why do both the candidates come from Yale is another question?  This to me sounds like a hidden society in my country controlling our Government to some degree.

Our Constitution is based on the corrupt behavior of men.  It is the only hope for our nation,
the constitution is pure people are corrupted from their own egos.


 Men are evil and no good, so our government is based on checks and balances no one unit has too much power.  The power is divided up between the different branches of government.   We have state power, city power and federal power, plus there are many other types of rules, county, city, village, etc.  These are all different parts of our government.
 Abraham Lincoln was the best example of a good President but many parts of his life our covered up and not told to the public and what he did for our government.

But if we chose a bad President and if the people have their heads in the sand, and our greedy, our nation will lose time in becoming, once again. Not, what it is supposed to be.  

I think our business machine has made this country great, like Edison, Ford, Rockefeller, the railroads, the inventors however not the government.

I pray to the unknown God that our nation will grow in the direction it is suppose to be.  If we lead the World we must decide how to lead the World?  I think this issue is not clear in the minds of our leaders.


What do I think of the election?  I do not know.  We are a great nation because of our ability to create products.  I am not sure it has anything to do with the Government.  The Government seems to be a necessary evil.  Only if we can find good men to rule our nation and find good citizens to work for our nation will it be a nation that the world can be proud of. We have been given the role or taken the role of the World Policemen.  I am not sure this is our responsibility.


It is sad for me when I hear people talk terrible things about my nation.  If they would only understand that the common man can only do so little with their vote.  Sometimes our system works and sometimes it does not.  But I do think that the last forty years of our Government has not been very good.  When will we really grow up as a nation?  I do not know. When will we have care takers for leaders and not Presidents, Governors or Mayors?  When will we stop racism and special interest groups?  When will the truly wise rule the world?  I do not know.


We need the government to keep records not to rule really is the main purpose of our government.

But the government tries to get more power and control.  The people are supposed to be in control of the government not the government in control of the people


When will the ignorant get an education?  I do not know.  When will the educated act like human beings and not like educated people?  I do not know.  When will our leaders speak in a quiet way and be humble.  I do not know.


Once the people vote in the leaders we can do nothing of what happens in their term.  We handed them the power now we are their victims. I believe that the American public has voted into power a very poor class of leaders in the last 40 or 50 years.

A friend said to me once a country deserves it leaders.  I do not know.  Someone told me once we do a lot to contribute to our own suffering.  I do not know. Sometimes suffering comes to us from outside forces that we cannot control.  Sometimes we bring it about for ourselves.  Sometimes our ignorance and behavior brings us much suffering by not understanding the situation. How do we know what other people are really thinking? So many people lie in their everyday life sometimes having standards creates many problems.  I know it does for me.


I only know that to watch these men sell their souls to the nation is somehow degrading and disturbing to me. I do not know of a better way.  It is our system for better or worse.  I wish I could say something to make you feel better about this or have you agree with my opinion. Then we can be friends and say how wonderful everything is.


I know our track record could be much better if we had better men in our nation.



Sincerely, Greg Henry Waters, Artist of Music and Yogi




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