These are two different views of the work situation and personal situation.
I think any contribution is great if it makes one think so one can get out
 of the bad habits.
Den expands this labor problem from musicians to other professional fields.
Very excellent opinion.  Greg Henry Waters
I always enjoyed your company too mate, I wasn't
really   talking about musicians only, all kinds of
people get taken, its not exclusive to musicians. I
worked in banking for many years, and I saw all kinds
of people who aren't paid what they're worth for one
reason or another, a skilled dentist or even a good
builders laborer who works for someone else will
never received the full value of their craft. It
worries me when you talk about me as a lay person, but
you send me the newsletter, as if I as a lay person
would be interested. If you don't think a lay person
should have views about anything other than "lay"
things you shouldn't send them topical newsletters. I
hope you find some peace soon old mate. Take care and
remember there are still some good things in the

Kind Regards
This opinion of Den I cannot agree with completely but
has some very good points. Greg Henry Waters
Hi Greg,
I haven't written to you before, when you were here in
China, we could talk and since you left I've just been
lazy. Firstly I certainly hope that you weren't
referring to me with foreigners in China who fleeced
you, but I'm sure you weren't, I always read your
newsletter with interest. I just read your piece
regarding exploitation, women and travel. I must say I
find it a cop out on all fronts, read as a man
thinketh by James Allen and you will see a passage
that states I won't quote directly, but this is pretty
close "it has long been accepted that there are
oppressed and oppressors, you will hear people state
that the oppressors should be despised because they
take advantage of the oppressed, but there is a school
of thought that states that the oppressed should be
despised because they allow it to happen, the pure
truth is that they are both collaborators in
ignorance." musicians like yourself state that you are
too involved in your art to worry about the business
side, or "I'm not good at business" what baby is born
who is good at business? is it a genetic gift? as with
any skill it can through patient practice, just like a
musical instrument be learned, if you didn't bother to
put in the patient practice in a skill, then why
should you expect someone who did to give you their
rewards. Life isn't fair, but, "in a world where loss
of equipoise would mean total destruction in the
universe, personal responsibility is absolute". My
final quote to you regards your piece regarding women,
"we do not attract that which we want but that which
we are" To cite your example of your second wife's
uncle whose wife left him when he couldn't work, what
a hollow crock of shit! who knows the relationship
between a man and a woman? if he had materially
supported her all those years, and at the same time
bothered to nurture a loving and fruitful
relationship, (something I have yet to see a man in
China do) would she had still left? love and sex are
very different I have been lucky enough to experience
a lot of the former and almost enough of the latter
and have found that the quality of the first always
relates to the quality of the second. to put it simply
if you want a woman to fulfill your body you must
first fulfill her soul, I've lost three of the most
wonderful women I have ever met, simply because I
didn't have the courage and patience to keep going
with that first task, but none of them ever required
me to simply go out and provide for them materially.
never be chosen by a women, always choose her, that
way your eyes are open. I wish you well Greg and
always have, but I hope you can figure out a way to
figure out that whatever happens to you is YOUR fault,
make your music for reward or for the sake of it, but
if you make it for the sake of it and then get no
reward blame your own lack of preparation. Take care
and keep in touch.