Notes on Greg Henry Waters Chinese Jazz Latin CD



The basic premise for this music is contentment and happiness.  For folk music is the product of the people and their lives.  Jazz is a music that came out of the mixing of cultures in New Orleans and moved up to Chicago. It was first performed in night clubs and Speak Easies (at name for a night club).  Jazz used western harmony, songs, instruments and rhythms from Nigeria, Africa for the most part.  Then the Africans in Cuba created their salsa mambo jazz and dance music. Jazz came from the idea of the talking drum a way of communicating in Africa from village to village.  The natives, in some parts of South America, still know the original version of this unwritten language, but are mostly forgotten.  I heard at the United Nations one year they had a demonstration of this music.


I was reading on the internet that in Vancouver Canada there are a few original African Drum Groups and they teach in the schools.


These songs are all based on Chinese folk melodies. I tried to keep them to the original as possible but had to change many notes and rhythms to suit the new rhythmic patterns.  I would not call this a pure jazz album because there are so many Latin rhythms and these Latin rhythms are just like the folk songs very traditional and using the same rhythmic patterns over and over again.  Also the rhythms of the songs are really not jazz but more Chinese folk rhythms so this is a mixing of the cultures I hope and that the Chinese audience can hear these songs from the original. Although I do not know the original songs I hope I have made a good effort.


I do improvise on each song and try to create as much of the small group jazz tradition as I can.  I would call all the harmony jazz harmony.  I tried to keep the  traditional jazz song form of 32 bars but some songs are 20 bars, 40 bars, 32 bars, 68 bars, and 48 bars.


The styles of songs on these 12 songs are salsa, swing, bebop, mambo, bomba salsa, ballad rumba, Bossa nova etc.  As you see there are a lot of Latin Rhythms.  You see the basic song form of the Chinese Folk songs relate to the Latin Music easier than the basic swing jazz rhythm.  With fusion music and Latin Jazz it is hard for me to decide what is jazz and what is not jazz in a traditional sense.  I heard some music on TV yesterday from Shanghai TV that was really traditional jazz and it was really good jazz.


Sense I performed with Tito Puente I have this Latin music in me because of such a strong influence from hearing the music of Tito the Master of Cuban Music in the United States. So for me Latin Jazz is Jazz just like jazz is jazz.  What is jazz and that is changing the original idea into your own idea.  I think I have done that on these tunes and I hope the Chinese public will appreciate this effort. 


The titles are: A Pretty Melody, Old Tune from China, A Chinese Melody, Having a Drink after Work, Made it Home, Jazz China, Joy of Being, Keeping Life Slow,  Melody from China, Swinging Down China Lane, Staying With It, and The Black Widow.


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