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Objective:  This newsletter came out of my experiences dealing in a new culture and a new history.  The purpose of the newsletter is to provoke serious thought about musical art.  What is it? Where should it be going?  In addition, what is going on in China?  I write about my personal experiences and my thoughts about them. Sick of my news letter listen to my music instead.  48 Songs to listen to!


Music News

I am a creative artist living in a world that only reproduces mostly music that is commercial. I think China which as separated it-self from the world for many years has not helped it stay pure and grow as a culture especially here in Shenzhen. Hong Kong has potential but seems very conservative.  Hong Kong seems to be a town for the well to do. Working at La Salle School was a learning experience for me to get to know the rules and regulations with the Hong Kong Community.  It seemed very much like a city equal to Milwaukee in the States. 

Here in Shenzhen is really an experience in human relations on a new level. The Mayor has been telling everybody this last week all the citizens of Shenzhen do not have any culture. Wow, I have been experiencing this here too but could not put it in those words because I am so new here. I come from NYC the place of many cultures.  I look to the new comers here has brave and adventures people to work here in China.  So I know that the people who go to the States must be adventurers and brave too.

I wrote a paper many years ago called The Dark Age of Music because creative people were only allowed to create in the dark or in their bedroom not at Sunday morning service like Bach did.  I was in the most developed all around city in the world so people say and I could not find any creativity at earning a living. It was all based on the commercial community (earning a living).  It seems that history does not repeat itself but goes backwards.  For me music has gone really backwards when it comes to music like Bach's.  I am recording these small groups songs instead of with a live orchestra.  I can do nothing else.

Trying to be creative makes life so complicated because people just want to hear the melody especially here in China. For me in music and my career life has gone backwards not forwards because for me Bach's life was my example of what a musician really is. I have not even come close to his career except in my bedroom or workroom which in NY was the same.  Do not think I am only talking about China.

working Situation

China, or Shenzhen, is very confused now because they want talent but they do not want to pay for it.  For some reason they have so much problem making a deal and keeping their word.  It is worse than Mexico in Acapulco.  As Randy Brecker told me one day somehow in the Latin American countries the money always disappears. I know Buddy Rich ran off with the payroll for a week and bought himself a car.  So much for the jazz business however here in China they want to move forward but do not know how, or what really to do, they are so insecure and want to protect their country in every little way.  And they think they have a right to steal from you if they can (the average businessman) the word standard has very little meaning in culture here because the local people according to Shenzhen's Mayor have not any standard when it comes to culture.

The Hk China relation problem is really out there.  Two systems one country. I think both the Hong Kong People and the People from China do not understand these words.   I laugh every time I hear this why doesn't China realize they are just the same people as the people in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong People are just the same people.  I believe the leaders can create so many problems for a country if they are not wise.  Look what Bush is doing he is giving the country away to the business community, it is not the party of Abraham Lincoln, and making the lower classes, so called, struggle.

The good news for Hong Kong: The Government here is very proud of Hong Kong and they  want Shenzhen to grow like HK, but they have no idea how to do it. I am explaining it to them when it comes to my music and creative art. 

I learned in New York City from the musicians union that they could care less about music.  What is really funny the musicians have no real interest in music also. Now, at the last  years of my career at least I am talking about it even if it cannot change it.  As Lester Young said. S.O.S (Same Old "You Know What"). It seems even in HK when I was dealing a little with Gecko's it got so confusing because one person said they wanted me to work there and the other owner said that he was in charge of the music and therefore did not have to pay me because he did not ask me.  He told me this after the gig was over not during the gig. Well if this is not a play on words I do not know what is.  He sent me e-mail this week asking me to take him off my mailing list.  If my letters bothers you please ask me to cancel. OK!!!

Many years ago I decided I would not play sessions anymore except maybe for a small audition so guys could here me play.

The Music Business has nothing to do with the purity of ART MUSIC.

I am sick of the racism, commercialism, politics, and everything that has nothing to do with music in the States.  The David Lettermen Show is a good example of all this for me.  The sad thing for me is that for the most part everybody looks to the States for leadership. If I can be a strong voice here or in the States too for music that would make me happy.  I am trying to do that but do not know if it will work maybe they will reject me like they did in Acapulco.  In NYC I was ignored mostly, but I did my thing.  I was on TV for two years in New York talking about music development and education.  No one from the Government even tried to notice my viewpoint.  In Mexico it is written in their constitution that one is not allowed to give a negative opinion about anybody.  The political in fighting is really funny because no one talks about the other candidate they just kill one another or kidnap them.

China, The money they try to offer me is laughable because it doesn't even begin to pay for my expenses in NYC or here.  They try to pay me local Chinese wages and never even consider the expenses it takes to live here.  I think this is so disrespectful to my situation.  If it wasn't for my money I could not even be here for a minute.  But I think if I can make something really happen here for our music it will be worth it.  Some days I want to get on an airplane and go home.  But to be a free lance musician in NYC doesn't appeal to me too much either, because I would have to deal with the David Letterman mentality, but now that my daughter is with her Mother I could be free to look for work there and go out and be free to create a new life there. Anyway one year is not enough time to make real changes here.  So I will wait to see what develops.

I am trying to practice everyday and trying to be a performer on some kind of level anyway.  Trying to get my tone back on my instruments. 

The HK scene seems very small and a small group of musicians.  They all seem very nice and love their music. 

I asked a lot of musicians to form a band and create some new group but everybody is too busy and has no interest.

And opinion: Still waiting to hear something positive.  It seems when they say some things positives (my employers) it turns negative again or no action just meaningless talk.  I hope I can learn to deal with this!  I am not doing so well.

The problem with Shenzhen and maybe all of China people say things they do not mean. People are not responsible here for their word. This is very important in the west.

Here in Shenzhen the mayor says the people here are not cultured; "we really lack cultural development." The people here in China have no experience in the outside world. Even the people in HK know nothing about China and the people of China know nothing about the standards in HK.

I fixed up the sound files on my site yesterday and changed the page. I got 48 files there now. Maybe someone will listen to them? You know that the files I make here on my computer sound better than the files I did in the studio with musicians some of the times. It is amazing for me. So I am really happy about that at least I can show what I can do on my level to some degree even though the sound is not real studio quality. I got a good sound out of my soprano sax yesterday, though.  I talk about music now is the chance for you to give your opinion by listening to this music.  All this music was recorded in Shenzhen, China in my apartment.  You have been listening to me now it is my turn to listen to your opinion.

I got e-mail from Ben Pellitier yesterday and he said, "I hope you find what you want to do."

I have always admire J.S. Bach; I said, I never have even come close to his life style and creating music every week. We are living in the dark age of music compared to Bach's opportunity to create music every week and earn a living for his family.

Bach had a captured audience.  The listener did not go to Bach and say I like this song or I like that song they were in Church.  They had to sit there and listen.  This was not the ego talking, but this was God talking to them saying listen to this music.

Every time I play a tune for some one they have an opinion they just cannot listen.  Wow, it took me 51 years to figure this out sometimes I think I am really stupid.  With all the 'smut' in the world and egos floating around no wonder we have all this mediocrity.  If I hear another pop rock ballad or country ballad with the same harmony and rhythm on tv i want to (but don't) throw the tv out the window and scream.  isn't there any one in the world that realizes this music is junk?  it is created for the mass market of a 13 year old and we all have to listen to this crapola as my friend would say.

This has made me realize my goal is to create music every week. I have always fell short of this goal completely and it always has made me depressed about it. How can I be a real composer if I cannot create on Bach's level?

But he did say there is no culture in China. So where do we stand I have no idea. China wants to be like HK but they do not know how to do it. HK wants to be like NYC. Do not quote me on this one just a thought.  NY does have everything when it comes to culture that is for sure.  They even have many Chinese Concerts and three Chinese Newspapers in Chinese.

The word of the day is my frustrations comes from the fact that I have to sponsor my own art and support my family with my own money as many creative artist do in our time.

But I never knew this was making me so crazy really. Going to Mexico and coming here has allowed me to discover who I am. I am awake. But who I am is a performer and composer. If I do not perform I do not feel well. If I do not create I do not feel well. But thanks to the computer I can keep up my skills now even if I have no work or have no rehearsals with musicians.

Sorry if this letter has no meaning to you.  Just thoughts on trying to be creative in an age where there is only commercialism.  the music I heard on the Oscars had no creative meaning for me just another example of complete commercialism.  Where was Woody Allen? To him, the Oscars are just a big advertisement to make more money.  Not having any real value.  Henry Miller said, "money money money money and more money people do not know they have an inner self." Now you tell me how the public can decide was is real value?  The public has such low standards when it comes to creative art in General.  The Mayor of Shenzhen is so brave in stating his case.  The New York Mayors do not have that class from my experience there for 23 years.  They call NYC the greatest city in the world.  I have heard it all. Why do not they say there are a few excellent real people in the world.  This would be the truth and the only truth.  Because they do not know the truth.

Greg Henry Waters

Artist of Music and Raja Yoga Master



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