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Music News

Michael Jackson is in the news again.  Does anyone ever talk about music?  You read the reviews in the paper it is all about record sales.  Why is this not in the financial section of the paper why do they place it under entertainment.  At least they do not use the word music.  You will not catch me buying these CDs.  My music is instrumental music and original music.  I will say Michael is an original. For me, it is free advertising for Michael just like David Lettermen does not have a guest on his show who is not promoting some product.  Do we always have to be victims of the business community?


Most of our great art was created by individuals having nothing to do with big business or society. They did this on their own without really much help from anybody. 

Now everything is big business, international companies fighting for all the profits and they call it art.  As Woody Allen said when they make big profits, they give themselves rewards and call it art or givemes or is it Grammy’s. or is it Oscars.  They vote themselves rewards for their art they do not ask the muse for advice. To me it is a big joke mostly, but what can I do really is nothing except write this small e-mail column to give me something meaningful to do.  Just my opinion, do not get upset over my opinions please.  Please write a review there is not one answer to things even great writers make mistakes.


I was watching some pop female video stars and it looked like a creation ritual right of birth. It did not seem like sex but it was aimed at the sexual act. The monks in the Catholic Church, by a lawyer monk, (Music Notation) created music.  However, when the monks got too interested in the music the Popes' cut it out.  Now the church has some of the worst sounds coming out of it if you go to the services and listen. Music went from the church to creation ritual rites of the female.  My point is music for me is not about ritual rites but about the muse. For me music is so misunderstood.  Woody Allen said, “People could careless about our music.”  This is so true.  


I hope all my friends in the States eat a big turkey meal for Thanksgiving.  I think it is the greatest holiday in the States because it does not have race, religion, or any other barrier that separates people.  It is just one big happy family.  Not so with all other holidays in the States.  I have been living outside the States now for about 12 years, 8 years in Canada, and 3 years in Mexico and now 1 year almost in China. My point is I do not miss this holiday now too much because I do not get that homesick anymore.


There are many words at my China news site if you want to read more. These pages are mostly for new comers to China and not for old experienced people here in the east who know mostly of what I wrote.


Placed a TV Card on my computer, now I can write music, watch TV, Create VCD’s, do my accounting, write my letters, record my music, create audio CD’s, create my website, send my newsletter out, watch DVD’s, VCD’s, Audio CD’s, Record and edit Video.  I bought an extra hard drive for that.  Well only one thing left and that is sex. Ha Ha 


Music Business:  

I was talking to an agent who places musicians in hotels and he said, “Hotel managers know nothing about music or very little.”   Those of us who love instrumental music always have an up hill battle on all fronts to promote and produce our products.  I wish I could be more positive.  The people who control our lives do not have much to do with music only about making money for their business.  Real art is beyond money is the problem. Good news is that five stars hotels have to place quality musicians in their hotels to maintain a high rating and perform classical or jazz music.  Now a day, half or more of the band is recorded music of one kind or the other and musicians perform with midi files.  I even have 8 hours of recorded music I can perform by myself.  I am just adjusting to the modern conditions.  However, would love to perform with a real band too.  I do get a chance to do this in HK.


I was asked to perform for 300 RMB I said no.  45 years in the business and this is my fee.  My brother laughs at the life of instrumental musicians.  I think it is mostly a joke too because the business world does not understand how hard we have work just to make 30 dollars USA.  With so much free music because of radio, internet and cds write machines, we are not needed.  I went to a live dance concert here in Shenzhen.  It was great to see something live.


Need a VCD made at your next event.  I can produce them for you just let me know.


Objective:  This newsletter came out of my experiences dealing in a new culture and a new history.  The purpose of the newsletter is to provoke serious thought about musical art.  What is it? Where should it be going?  In addition, what is going on in China?  I write about my personal experiences and my thoughts about them. (Omaha Steaks, Inc.) Advanced Response Advanced Response


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