New York, Hong Kong  and Shenzhen, China   

85 Songs

 35 originals

a musical reflection of my 23 years in new York city

Styles: Salsa Latin Jazz, jazz standards, bebop, jazz from Broadway, originals by Greg Henry waters, Chinese folk melodies adapted to jazz, classical tone poems for piano, modern fusion jazz, dance music, Latin, swing, and ballads


 I have not recorded since the 90's so I am recording now so people can hear my music and woodwind performance.

Greg Henry Waters March 16, 2004 Shenzhen, China

Please adjust your equalizer for best results especially around the 3 and 6 mark.

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Demo Versions only full versions on cds, selections from 50 seconds to two minutes

JAZZ JAZZ and More Jazz   Originals          Tunes composed in Toronto and Shenzhen, China

 Cool Outside Easy Waltz Clarinet.mp3 

Credit 3/4 Up Tempo Clarinet .mp3                                                 

 Accessories Tenor Sax Fusion .mp3

Suite for Paul Part I Tenor Medium Slow  

Artist Set Soprano Up Tempo Sax.mp3

Suite for Paul Part V Tenor Sax Bossa Swing. mp3   

Harvest  Tenor  Sax .mp3

Blues for Today Tenor Sax.mp3    

Suite for Paul Part II Alto          

Area Code 416 Tenor Sax .mp3 


Fusion Recordings Originals Composed in Shenzhen


Grooving in Shenzhen Soprano Sax.mp3

On the bus in Shenzhen Soprano Sax.mp3

Shopping in Shenzhen Clarinet.mp3   

Aerguli Soprano Sax Rock Ballad Medium.mp3

Danica Alto  Sax Fusion.mp3  My Grand Daughter

Easy Listening Dance Music Latin Swing and Fusion from the 40's and 50's Era

All of You Alto .mp3  

 Amazing Grace Mambo Flute.mp3

Am I Blue Flute.mp3 

Amore Flute.mp3 

There will Never be Another You Flute .mp3  

Anything Goes Flute.mp3 

And  I love Her Flute.mp3 

April in Paris Bossa Alto.mp3 

 As Time Goes By Samba.mp3 

Au Privave Flute Medium Blues.mp3 

Bags Groove Flute Blues .mp3

Blue Bossa Flute.mp3 

Brazil Flute.mp3 

 Beautiful Love Latin Salsa Flute.mp3

 Danny Boy Clarinet.mp3   

 Memories of You Clarinet. mp3



Chinese Jazz Tunes by Greg Henry Waters

Tunes I composed for the Chinese Market

Chinese Melody Clarinet  

Jazz in China Tenor

Swinging Down China Lane Tenor Sax 

Being Mellow Flute Ballad

 China Tenor Sax .mp3    

A Pretty Melody Bossa Nova Bright Flute

Aerguli Soprano Sax Latin Pop Ballad Medium.mp3

Midi Arrangements by Greg Henry Waters

 using computer sounds only - Classical Music / Computer Generated Versions / Piano Scores

Composed in Shenzhen, China 2004

Tone Poem from China Part I by Greg Henry Waters 9 minutes

Tone Poem from China Part II by Greg Henry Waters 4.30 minutes

Tone Poem from China Part II by Greg Henry Waters 3.33 minutes

Tone Poem from China Part IV by Greg Henry Waters  10 minutes

Sonata For Two Fingers Plus For Leslie Isabel Waters .mp3

Piano Fantasy for Vianey La Vern Waters mp3

Examples of Traditional and New Arrangements

Only With Thy Eyes arr. G. H. Waters Mozart.mp3 

O Come All Ye Faithful arr. G. H. Waters.mp3


Diego Rivera Jazz Suite in X Parts  (Written for the Acapulco Jazz Festival 1999, Mexico)  Composed 1999 in New York City Recorded in Shenzhen, China May 10 and 11, 2004

                Part I Flute Ballad                                        Part II  Blues Feel Tenor Sax                 Part III  Jazz Waltz Clarinet                     

                Part IV  Swing Tenor Minor                         Part V Main Stream Soprano Sax       

                Part VI Part  Long  Bossa Nova Clarinet and Tenor   

                Part  VII  Up Tempo Latin Tenor Sax          Part VIII    Latin Dance Flute               

                Part IX  Very Modern 12 Tone  Soprano     Part X Up Tempo Tenor Sax Swing Modal

Jazz on Broadway Tunes

All the Things You Are Alto Sax .mp3 

But Beautiful Alto Sax.mp3 

My Favorite Things 3/4 Soprano Sax .mp3

Beautiful Love Flute.mp3

My Old Flame Tenor Sax .mp3

Alone Together Flute Swing .mp3

I love You Flute.mp3

The Nearness of You Tenor Easy Listening Tenor Sax .mp3

Custom to Your Face Ballad Flute.mp3 

Blue Room Clarinet. mp3

Autumn in NY Alto Sax.mp3 

But Not for Me Alto Sax.mp3                            

I edited the Tag Files with Music Match, if you want to see the Tag Files please use that program.  Windows Media, Winamp and Real Player only Show part of the information.



Donna Lee Alto Sax.mp3 

Oleo Tenor Sax .mp3

Moments Notice Tenor Sax .mp3


Jazz Standards     All Blue 6/4 Flute.mp3 

Green Dolphin Street Alto Sax.mp3

Thousand Eyes Up Tempo Alto Sax.mp3 

Blue Train Blues Alto Sax.mp3

Blue Set Waltz Flute.mp3 

 Foot Prints  6/4 Alto Sax.mp3

Miles Stone Up Tempo Alto Sax.mp3 

Naima Ballad Alto Sax .mp3  

Cherokee Clarinet Up Tempo.mp3

 Salsa Latin Jazz                    

 A Day the life of a Fool Salsa Flute.mp3               Besame Mucho Flute Latin.mp3     Suite for Paul Part III Tenor Cha Cha. mp3

 No More Blues Bossa Nova  Flute.mp3                Masquerade Alto Sax Salsa.mp3    Suite for Paul Part IV Alto Sax Salsa Samba.mp3

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   As Woody Allen said in his movie "you might careless about this music" or have no appreciation for it, but I have a right to talk about it. You can read my reviews of other artists at my jazz site.   Look for the review section on this page. In  this way you can understand more about my beliefs about music as an art form and not a way to just promote money and other forms of entertainment etc. 

"Here is a review from one of my listeners."  Greg Henry Waters

¨Greg, I found a store downtown that downloaded it and burned it onto a cd all for just ten dollars. I loved that sax song. It sounded like a stallion galloping. That was my vision when I heard that song. Mythical and mystical quality to it. A real treasure."
Paul Collins, Toronto, Ontario Canada

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A tribute

to Paul Litrenta

a friend and professional musician. trumpet  (1942-2004)

My Personal Opinion about Music

"I believe that music was sent to us from a divine source and that all real music is a glorification of God and not the glorification of Man. So much of our society has destroyed the true meaning of music. Music is not sex, popular dance, or other choices of man, but is the spirit of God and only of God. These are my personal opinions and I know that these ideas have very little meaning and support in our society.

However, I believe that instrumental music as composed by Bach in his Brandenburg Concertos is the closes example of this idea.

This is why pure instrumental music is so close to The Spirit of Nature and The Spirit of Life or "The Nameless God" as founded in all true religions.

May a few individuals stand for the pure art of music so that its voice will ring out for its affirmation. I have tried my best to meet this challenge.

 But I only see how much I have failed in our modern age of computers and CD's from the entertainment industry and established concert halls."

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My  other music is at the American Music Center in New York and the original scores and TV Tapes are at the University of North Texas Music Library, Denton Texas.

Reviews from my LPs in the 80's

  • "Reedman Waters is a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist and gifted composer whose music deserves to be heard more widely."

  • The Observation Post, Frederic Seaman, New York City
  • "Waters was unknown to this reviewer, but his fine album, Mission, made me really sit up and take notice. Greg is a musician of uncommon ability."
    Bronx News, Highlights in Jazz, Jack Kleinsinger
  • "Waters Mission Album stands among such artists as Mary Lou William's, George Russell, Phil Woods, Beaver Harris, Jimmy Guiffre and others in this class."
    Bullets, Detroit Sun
  • "Greg Waters, Milwaukee native, who records in the East and Canada An exceptionally gifted musician composer."

  • Monitor Herald, Wax Works, Omaha

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Please enjoy the music I hope it is new and different for you which is my purpose and has excellent quality of music too which is my purpose.