26 CDS Clarinet Flute Saxophones from the 40's to 2006 You can now pay with Credit Card or PayPal and now buy individual songs by Greg Henry Waters

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Greg Henry Waters All Original CDS!

Greg Henry Waters All Clarinet 5 CDS! 

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1. Diago Rivera Jazz Suite CD 67 Min. 10 SongsAll Originals:

2.Greg Henry Waters Originals, 11 Songs, 56 Minutes

3.Latin Dance Set, Mambo, Rumba, Bossa, Samba, Brazil, Cha Cha etc. 10 Songs, 57 Minutes Do you want to Dance?

Some songs are duplicated on the CDS because of style and listening smoothness.

4.Latin Jazz CD and Fusion, 10 Songs, 60 Minutes

 5.Mixed Listening, Latin Set, Fusion, Latin, Swing, 70 Minutes 12 Songs,

6.Traditional Modern Jazz, 13 Songs, 57 Minutes, Originals and Standards

 7.Songs I like CD, Traditional, Modern, Latin, Ballads, 10 Songs, 60 Minutes

8.Tribute to Paul Litrenta, 13 Songs, 56 Minutes, 1960's Era of Jazz

9.Greg Plays Jazz Standards, 13 Songs, 59 Minutes Broadway Tunes etc.  

10.Swing Set 14 Songs, 56 Minutes, Just Swinging Down China Lane

11.Mixed Jazz Set, Originals and Standards, 63 Minutes, 12 Songs

12.Greg's China CD, Music Composed in China, 4 Tone Poems, 2 Piano Pieces, and China Jazz 65 Minutes 12 Songs

13.Fusion CD for Yoga or Exercise Classes12 Songs, 70 Minutes


14.Flute CD Performed Greg Henry Waters, 12 Songs, 63:39 Minutes

15.Clarinet CDs Performed by Greg Henry Waters, 10 Songs, 59:06 Minutes

16.Alto Saxophone CD Performed Greg Henry Waters15 Songs, 68:27 Minutes

17.Tenor Saxophone CD Performed Greg Henry Waters, 12 Songs, 65:30 Minutes

 18.Soprano Saxophone and Flute CD Performed Greg Henry Waters, 11 Songs, 66:32 Minutes

 19.Soprano Saxophone Only, Serious Jazz, Main Stream and Fusion, 12 Songs, 71:22 Minutes

20.Chinese Latin Jazz CD

21.Big Band Alto Saxophone CD

 22. Music from Friends mostly saxophone!

 23.My New Three Clarinet CDs, Trying to bring the Clarinet back into jazz a little!

 24.Swing Clarinet CD,

25.Main Stream CD Clarinet,

26.Christmas CD with the Soprano, Alto and Tenor Sax, Main Stream Jazz


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