Compositions and Performances by Greg Henry Waters (Arrangements and Originals)

All Music Arranged, Composed, Recorded and Mixed by Greg Henry Waters

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This music is for demonstration purposes only. Not for any public deplay on TV, Radio or other internet sites. This is to help to secure work for its author. Greg Henry Waters, Thank You! For more information call 917 529 5915

GHW = Composer = Greg Henry Waters

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But Not For Me Alto Sax
Captain Marvel Clarinet
Cherokee Clarinet
China Jazz Tenor GHW
Diago Rivera Part III Clarinet GHW
My Computer and I GHW
Cool Outside Clarinet GHW
Credit Waltz Clarinet GHW
Accustom to Your Face Flute
Ballad Diago Rivera suite Part I Flute GHW
Diago Rivera Part IV Tenor GHW

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Tunes by Greg Henry Waters CR 2005
Paul's Suite Part II
The Black Widow
Tone Poem in China Part I
Suite for Paul Litrenta Part V Latin
Tone Poem Part II
Swinging Down China Lane
Tone Poem Part III
Suite for Paul Part IV
Jazz China
Leslie and the Piano
Suite for Paul Part III

Only for private home use for demonstrations
purposes only! Copy-Write, All rights reserved
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