25 CDS Clarinet Flute Saxophones from the 40's to 2006

Greg Henry Waters Mission CDS celebrating instrumental music

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1. Diago Rivera Jazz Suite CD 77 All Originals: Blues, Ballad, Waltz, Mainstream, Up Tempo, Bossa, Latin Salsa, Latin, Modern and Up Tempo

2.Greg Henry Waters Originals, 11 Songs, 56 Minutes Shopping in Shenzhen, Cool Outside Waltz, Diago Part VI, Suite for Paul Part 1, Swinging Down China Lane, Diago Part IV, Diago Part III, China Jazz, Blues for Today, Aerguli Latin, Area Code 416 Swing.

3.Latin Dance Set, Mambo, Rumba, Bossa, Samba, Brazil, Cha Cha etc. 10 Songs, 57 Minutes Do you want to Dance?

Some songs are duplicated on the CDS because of style and listening smoothness.

Amazing Grace, Nearness of You, Jalousie, Masquerade, As Time Goes By, Amore, Quisas, Brazil, All of You, and Am I Blue

4.Latin Jazz CD and Fusion
, 10 Songs, 60 Minutes

Danica, Brazil, April in Paris, Wave, Nica Dream, Star Eyes, Nature Boy, Blue Bossa, Besame Mucho, and A Day in a Life of a Fool

5.Mixed Listening, Latin Set, Fusion, Latin, Swing, 70 Minutes 12 Songs,

Manhattan JazzTune Yesterday, All Blue, Recorda, Rose Room, People Will Say We're in Love I'm all Smiles, Beautiful Love, Invitation and Recordo.

6.Traditional Modern Jazz
, 13 Songs, 57 Minutes, Originals and Standards

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Accessories, Foot Prints, Artist Set, Your Trouble in Dream, Naima, Night and Day, Star Eyes Quiet Nights, No More Blues, Miles Stones, On the bus in Shenzhen, and Blue Train

7.Songs I like CD, Traditional, Modern, Latin, Ballads, 10 Songs, 60 Minutes

Rose Room Swing, On the Street Where You Live, Peace, Beautiful Love, Ain't Mis Behaven, Arigin. Besame Mucho, No More Blues, Four, Be Witched, and Miss Jones and I

8.Tribute to Paul Litrenta, 13 Songs, 56 Minutes, 1960's Era of Jazz

Suite for Paul in Five Parts, One, Two, Three, Four and Five, Memories of You, Harvest, Credit, Oleo, My Old Flame, Moments Notice and Mile Stones

9.Greg Plays Jazz Standards, 13 Songs, 59 Minutes Broadway Tunes etc. Blue Skies, Green Dolphin Street, I Love You, Donna Lee, Bluesette, But Beautiful, My Foolish Heart, Fools Rush In, There Will Never be Another You, How About You, Blues, Cherokee, and Alone Together.
10.Swing Set
14 Songs, 56 Minutes, Just Swinging Down China Lane Jazz China, Danny Boy, I've Grown Accustom to Your Face, But Not For Me, Bluesette, All Blue, China Melody, Swinging Down China Lane, Green Dolphin Street, Cherokee, Beautiful Love, Captain Marvel, Angel Eyes and All The Things You Are
11.Mixed Jazz Set
, Originals and Standards, 63 Minutes, 12 Songs:
Autumn in NY, Alone Together, Honey Suckle RoseFoot Prints Clarinet Version, Thousand Eyes, Israel Tone Poem, Ballad, Four, Shopping in Shenzhen Fusion, Miles Stones, I Should Care
12.Greg's China CD, Music Composed in China, 4 Tone Poems, 2 Piano Pieces, and China Jazz 65 Minutes 12 Songs: Aerguli, Shopping in Shenzhen, Jazz China, Swinging Down China Lane, Chinese Melody, Being Mellow, Fantasy for Vianey, Sonata for Two Fingers for Piano-Leslie , and China Tone Poems in Four Parts

13.Fusion CD for Yoga or Exercise Classes12 Songs, 70 Minutes It's You or No One, On the Bus in Shenzhen, Shopping in Shenzhen, Fusion in Shenzhen, Paul Part I, Paul Part II, Accessories, Danica, Diago Part VIII, Blue Bossa, Besame Mucho, and Amazing Grace
14.Flute CD Performed Greg Henry Waters, 12 Songs, 63:39 Minutes And I love Her, Bluesette, Beautiful Love, Being Mellow, Besame Mucho, Blue Bossa, There Will Never Be Another You, Amazing Grace, All Blue Am I Blue, and A Day in a Life of a Fool
15.Clarinet CDs Performed by Greg Henry Waters, 10 Songs, 59:06 Minutes
Shopping in Shenzhen for a Cell Phone, Memories of You, Oh Danny Boy, Credit, My Foolish Heart, Cool Outside, Have You Met Miss Jones Cherokee, Fools Rush In! and Blue Room
16.Alto Saxophone CD Performed Greg Henry Waters15 Songs, 68:27 Minutes April in Paris, Naima, Masquerade, Paul Part V, Green Dolphin Street, Foot Prints, Donna Lee, But Not For Me, But Beautiful, Blue Train, Autumn in New York, As Time Goes By, All the Things You Are, Angle Eyes, and Miles Stone
17.Tenor Saxophone CD Performed Greg Henry Waters, 12 Songs, 65:30 MinutesArea Code 416, Paul Part V, Nearness of You, Paul Part III, My Old Flame, Moments Notice, Harvest, Diago Part VII, China Jazz, Diago Part IV, Diago Part II and Diago Part X
18.Soprano Saxophone and Flute CD Performed Greg Henry Waters, 11 Songs, 66:32 Minutes

Aregulis, Grooving in Shenzhen, Ballad, Artist Set, Danica, Amazing Grace, Being Mellow, Besame Mucho, Blue Bossa and Alone Together

19.Soprano Saxophone Only, Serious Jazz, Main Stream and Fusion, 12 Songs, 71:22 Minutes Jumping, Green Apple, Grooving in Shenzhen, Waters Void, Matching Key, Aerguli, The Horn, On the Bus in Shenzhen, My Favorite Things, Artist Set, and Trade Mark

20.Chinese Latin Jazz CD Introduction to this CD with some historical back ground for your information and knowledge. The titles are: A Pretty Melody, Old Tune from China, A Chinese Melody, Having a Drink after Work, Made it Home, Jazz China, Joy of Being, Keeping Life Slow, Melody from China, Swinging Down China Lane, Staying With It, and The Black Widow.
Big Band Alto Saxophone CD Anything Goes Blue Moon Blues one Caravan Fine and Danny Fly me to the Moon Blues two It's all right with me Loved walked in Lover Mack the knife Pennies from heaven Song is you
22. The songs of Sarah Jane Cion as arranged and performed by Greg Henry Waters gwatersusa@gmail.com E-mail me for this CD. I think I have too many files here really. Review of Sarah's four CDs at my News Letter Page
23.My New Three Clarinet CDs, Trying to bring the Clarinet back into jazz a little! (I now have four Clarinet CDS this is the first one, ask me about the others, II, Swing with older tunes, III, Jazz with Tunes from the 60 and 70's and IV, Bossa Latin CD for those who love only the clarinet.) Latin Clarinet CD, Besame Mucho, Fools Rush In, How About You? Invitation, Jalousie Nica's Dream, Qui sas? People Will Say We're In Love, Quiet Nights, Recado, Recada, and Wave,
24.Swing Clarinet CD, Ain't Misbehavin, Bewitched, Blue Skies,Foolish Heart, Honeysuckle Rose, I Should Care, It's You Or No One, Manhattan, Night and Day, Rose Room, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Wrap Your Troubles in Dream
25.Main Stream CD Clarinet, Airegin, Captain Marvel, Footprints, I'm All Smiles, Israel, Have You Met Miss Jones, Nature Boy, On the Street Where You Live, Peace, Star Eyes, and Yesterday

All Clarinet Albums for the Clarinet only lover.

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