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Translation and comments by Greg Waters

Interview with an American Saxophonist


"Society  needs to pay more attention to the jazz process for it to develop": Greg Waters

He played with Duke Ellington and Charlie Parker ( I was saying many of my friends in New York played with  these two groups and more) Please read my resume for complete details. Back to the home page!

The Food Court and Sports Bar presents a jazz quartet on the week-ends from 9 p.m. to 12.30 a.m. on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays with Saxophonist Greg Waters, accompanied by the group jazz Millennia. Mr. Waters was born in Wisconsin, Greg Henry Waters and began playing jazz at the age of 13 when he played his first jazz solo.  "When I was in high school I really began to make a foundation in my jazz playing."  He expressed the importance of education and has completed degrees from three universities and studied in Dallas, Chicago and New York.


When Greg Waters lived in New York he formed performing groups for new music and classical traditional music in both classical music and jazz. The Greg Waters Jazz Orchestra, the Greg Waters Chamber Music and The New York Composers Ensemble, a group which experimented with new sounds and forms in music improvisation. 

His talent lead him to know a lot of great musicians from the Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker and Johnny Carson Bands to name a few and many of the musicians became his friends and he has had many jam sessions and performances with many great musicians on the jazz scene in New York City.

New York, New Orleans and Chicago are the so called capitals of jazz, Waters, who has played in all these places in bars and restaurants in these cities.   "This is where one learns jazz when one is working in clubs with other jazz musicians who have experience.  There is not a great market for jazz because it is not music that is produced for the masses, but is music that is produced for the joy of music but sometimes a song becomes very popular like Take Five by Paul Desmond.  Jazz needs a lot of promotion to compete with the rock groups and popular vocal groups.  People have to sit and listen to jazz to enjoy it.  This music is really not for loud and wild people in the bar scene."


Just not that many people are interested in jazz to go out and spend money on it but there are many loyal and loving fans of jazz too just not as many as the pop market which covers up jazz  popularity, many times.


Waters proposes here in Mexico that there should be jazz bands in the schools like there are in the states for the Mexican Jazz musician to learn this form of music as well as they know their traditional styles of music.  Jazz is greatly loved by many Mexican musicians.Because jazz popularity is scarce musicians have to perform other kinds of music to survive and earn a living.  Many universities in the states support jazz programs where professional musicians can earn a living by teaching and the support comes from the state governments and private donors such as individuals and corporations.

He has been living in Acapulco for about a year and one-half and has gotten to know many excellent musicians in the Acapulco Philharmonic.  He wishes though that there could be a professional school of music here for the young people of Acapulco because there are excellent musicians from the Philharmonic who could teach there.   It is really important for the local population to support with money artistic institutions for the general health and educational level of society.  It is something he believes Acapulco Society should look to do.


The group  Millennia that supports Greg Waters in his musical performances has performed in the Festival de Jazz de Acapulco, The members are Andres Ramirez the leader and bass player with Jesus Gonzalez on drums and Julian Bert on piano.


Ramirez, who represents the group Millennia that "Greg Waters is "el talento y virtuosismo" (with the talent and virtuosity) and that it is a great advantage for us because Greg has performed with many great musicians of jazz and has had that close personal experience needed to understand completely the workings of the music."


No. 1460 /30 de enero /2001 El Sur de Acapulco

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