Greg Waters B.M., M.M. & Dip.



I. Performing Experience II. Education III. Teaching Experience IV. Music Teachers V. Management Experience VI. Performing Groups VII. TV Productions VIII. Awards IX. Computer Knowledge X. Music Composition XI. Organizations XII. Personal Information XIII. Reviews XIV. Recordings and Instruments

  1. Performing Experience

1958-61 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Instruments-Clarinet, Saxophone & Flute
Brookfield High School Band, 1st Clarinet
Milwaukee Elks Youth Band, 1st Clarinet
Jim Robak Jazz Band, Tenor Sax
Greg Waters Quartet, Reeds
Bob Crosby Dance Band
Greg Waters Quartet, Reeds, Concerts at Marquette University 1958-61

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Chamber Music Ensemble Summer Program 1959, 1960 and 1961 Spring
Methodist Church Choir Director 1964 Spring
Recital, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee- Clarinet Recital Noon Hour Concerts 1965
Student at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee-Spring 1965
Winner, Elm Grove Music Prize, 1st Place
Wisconsin State Music Contest, 1st Place
Milwaukee Youth Orchestra, 1st Chair Clarinet

1962-66 Denton, Texas
North Texas Six O'clock Band, 1st jazzTenor soloist
North Texas Three O'clock Band, 1st Alto
Dan Hurley Ensemble, Reeds, Tenor, Clarinet, Flute, Bassoon
North Texas One O'clock Band, 2nd Tenor
North Texas Concert Band, Clarinet
Dallas County State Fair, Tenor Saxophone
Dallas Symphony Performance of West Side Story, Lead Alto in Mexico
Dallas Symphony Utility Clarinet
Shreveport Symphony, 1st Clarinet
Free Lance Dance Band Work on Week Ends
Clarinet Recital, North Texas School of Music 1964
Clarinet Recital, North Texas School of Music 1965
Graduate Recital, North Texas School of Music 1966
Asked to play for President Kennedy's Ball in Fort Worth, Texas
Buddy Morrow Orchestra
Electronic Music Recital, Clarinet and Electronic Tape, North Texas

1966-68 Chicago, Illinois
Billy May Orchestra, Tenor Saxophone
Ralph Materie Orchestra, Tenor Saxophone
Playboy Club Orchestra, Lead Alto
Dance Band Work-Chicago Local Bands
Recital-Chicago Conservatory College/My Compositions
Mid-West College Jazz Festival-Winner Outstanding Woodwind Performer
Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone
Bill Russo Orchestra

1968-1976 Toronto, Canada
Royal York Hotel House Band, Woodwinds, backup orchestra for
popular swing singers
Mel Torme, Paul Anka, Helen O'Connell, Ella Fitzgerald, etc
Hook and Ladder Club, backup orchestra for popular swing singers
Cab Callowy, Billy Eckstine, Patti Page, Letterman, Four Freshman, etc.
Lecture and Concert, Creativity and the Artist
CBC Radio Jazz Concerts
Greg Waters Quartet
Chamber Music Recital, Flute
University of Toronto, Recital, New Music Ensemble
Greg Waters Big Band, Park Concerts
Studio Work

1977-96 New York City
Mission Records-Release of first quartet album, Mission I
Greg Waters Jazz Chamber Orchestra
Westbury Music Fair
Chamber Music Recital, Long Island Arts Council
Concerts, Saint Peter's Church, Manhattan, Greg Waters Ensembles
Quartet, Chamber Orchestra, Recital, Organ Music, TV Productions, etc.
Stan Rubin Orchestra
Playboy Club Orchestra, New Jersey
Sal Sicari Orchestra
Tito Puente Orchestra
Lecture Concert The Dark Age of Instrumental Music 1988, Manhattan
Lester Lanin Orchestras
Peter Duchin Orchestras
Mark Donald Orchestras
TV Concerts, The Music Show and The Children's Music Show
Lehman Center for the Performing Arts, Two Concert
The Barge, Brooklyn
Monday Nights in Soho, Chamber Jazz
Mission Two Album
Orchestra Leader, The Star, Ocean Liner, Tampa, Florida
Orchestra Leader, The Homestead, Hot Spring Virginia
Lincoln Center Summer Concerts, Tito Puente Orchestra
Greg Waters Summer Park Concerts, Manhattan, Long Island,
Bronx, and Staten Island

Recently I spent 3 years in Acapulco and have been in Shenzhen China for a year now 2004


II. Education

1961 - Brookfield High School, Brookfield, Wisconsin 1961 Dip.
1961- Studied at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
1962 - Studied at The Milwaukee Institute of Technology
1966 - University of North Texas, B.M., Music
1968 - Chicago Conservatory College, M.M., Theory and Composition
1979 - La Salle Extension University, Diploma (Supervisory Management)
1994 - Producer, Bronxnet Community Cable Company - TV Production

III. Teaching Experience

1965 - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Jazz Band
1967 - Walker Jr. High School Orchestra
1968 - Senn High School Orchestra
1968 - Chicago Conservatory College-Music Theory
1969 - Don Mills High School Band
1970-72 Founded the Ontario Youth Educational Jazz Orchestra
1970-78 - Greg Waters Academy of Music-Reeds, Composition,
Chamber Music Jazz, Orchestration, and Theory

New York
1978-96 - Private Instruction - Reeds, Composition, Chamber Music
and Jazz

1983-96 - Substitute Teacher, New York City Schools

IV. Most Important Music Teachers

Clarinet, Jack Snavely, Leon Breeden, Noah Knepper, Dr. Lee Gibson,
and David Glazer
Flute, Dr. Thom Mason, Noah Knepper, Dr. George Mory and Sam Baron
Oboe, Dennis Waters
Bassoon, Noah Knepper
Saxophone, Noah Knepper, Dr. Thom Mason, and Leon Breeden
Jazz Studies, Dr. Tom Mertel, Dr. Tom Mason, Leon Breeden
Composition and Theory, Dr. Dieter, Merril Ellis
Chamber Music: Fine Arts Quartet, New York Woodwind Quintet, Carol Glenn
and Dr. Francois D'Albert

V. Management Experience

Creative Music Productions 1978-96
Responsible for the coordination and dissemination of information for
marketing of the performing groups.
Write grant proposals including data for spreadsheets,
artists’ information, database management, government contacts,
music contractor, rehearsal management, maintain files,
planning projects from recordings to concerts to TV Productions.
Financial Statements and Musical Director

VI. Performing Groups

Throughout my career in music I have founded performing groups to perform my
music and personal ideas in music arranging and composition.
Milwaukee - Greg Waters Quartet 1960
Toronto - Greg Waters Big Band Orchestra 1968-77 New York - 1978-96

Greg Waters Jazz Chamber Orchestra,

10 musicians

Greg Waters Latin Jazz Ensemble
Greg Waters Quartet
Greg Waters Composers Ensemble
Greg Waters Classical Chamber Music Concerts

Greg Waters Jazz Chamber Orchestra 10 musicians Instrumentation: Soprano Alto Sax Chair, Tenor Sax Chair, Bari Soprano Flute Chair, Trumpet & Fl. Horn, Trombone and Bass Trombone with Five Rhythm

This is the only band performing music in this format and with its own style of jazz improvisational music in the band traditions of improvised music and big band ensembles.

 Greg Waters Latin Jazz Ensemble Instrumentation: Trumpet, Alto and Tenor Flute Chair with Conga, Timbales Drum Set, Bass, Piano and or singer, guitar

This group is the traditional Latin jazz band using jazz horns and tunes with Latin percussion.

 Greg Waters Quartet Instrumentation: Reeds, Guitar, Bass, Drums, sometimes piano. I also add three other horns, trumpet, trombone and alto for dance music.

I perform my original music with this group. A combination of my playing abilities with my music.

 Greg Waters Composers Ensemble Instrumentation: Voice, Violin, Reeds, String Bass, Percussion, & Guitar

The Greg Waters Composers Ensemble: This group is the avaunt-garde grouping of classical, jazz and free form music into one blend of sound.

 Greg Waters Classical Chamber Music Concerts

This group performs traditional classical chamber music and one or two new pieces at their concerts.

 Instrumentation: Two Violins, Piano and Reeds. Plus we add musicians for different settings.

VII. - TV Productions New York City 1991-96

Catalog of Shows

The Music Show and The Children's Music Show

The Music Show is performances of Jazz and Classical Music (More jazz than classical music).

The Children's Music Show is music appreciation for children and adults.


VIII. Awards

1959 Brookfield High School Music Summer Camp Award-UW
1961-62-64 Chamber Music Grants, Un. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
1964 University of North Texas Clarinet Scholarship
1965 Centenary College Full Scholarship-Clarinet Performance
1968 American Foundation Award, Chicago,
Best woodwind performer
1968 Scholarship to Berkeley School of Music Boston 1973-74-75 Composition Awards from the Ontario Arts Council
1976 National Endowment to the Arts Grant - Jazz Performance
1979 Nassau County Arts Council Chamber Music Concert
1980 Meet the Composer's Grant - New York City
1980-96 Creative Music Productions Concerts
1992-92 Best of the Bronx Series at Lehman Center for the
Performing Arts

IX. Computer Skills

Working Knowledge of Computers, Internet Linux Fedora, Apple PC
Construction, Access, HTML Bluefish Editor Programming, Video Editing
on Sony Equipment etc.

My music site created by Greg H Waters


X. Music Composed 1962-96 to 2018 Composed music for flute ensembles

I have 16 pieces I composed for flute and other instruments.
This has come about all because of my experience with the NJ Flute Society organization and the NY Flute Club.

Need to download the app to see the scorces.

Piece for Flute and Guitar
Seven Pieces for Cello and Flute
Bach Trio Flute Ensemble
Bach Trio Sonata 1027
Branden Berg Concerto for Flute Ensemble
Branden Berg for C Flutes
5 min. piece for Flute and Piano
4 min. piece for Flute Ensemble with an old Chinese Melody 4 min.
Piece for Flute Ensemble with an old Chinese Melody 4 min. version two.
5 min piece for Solo Flute and Flute Choir!
Nonsense for two flutes
Solo Flute Sonata
Solo Piece Part Two
Solo Flute Sonata Rules
Piece fot two flutes
Two Flutes Part Two

Piano Piece
Piano Piece
Piano Piece
Piano Piece
Piano Piece

Piece for Four Trombones

Accessories is a jazz piece for small group.

A Clarinet Piano Sonata First Movement Cick Now,

and Second Movement Click Here.

A Jazz Waltz for a small group with instrumentation can be varied.

Piano Sonata Movement One

Only With Thine Eyes, And original arrangement of the Mozart Hymn.

A Jazz Piece which is a song written for my late Friend Paul Latrinta.

A Tuba Trio with Cello and Piano written for my good friend Dave Braynard.

Piece for Tuba, Bass Trombone and String Bass

Tone Poem from China for Orchestra (piano score) Part One 
Tone Poem from China for Orchestra (piano score) Part Two    All songs or many of them here.

Improvisational Song Book One 110 Songs

Improvisational Song Book Two 64 Songs, Hand Written Originals

Compositions Jazz Classical/Greg Waters Conductor Composer Performer
Compositions by Greg Waters

XI. Organizations

Member American Federation Musicians
Member BMI Performing Rights Organization
United Federation of Teachers
Creative Music Productions Inc.

XII. Personal Information

56 Years Old, Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1943,  Speak Spanish as a
Second Language, Enjoy Golf, and Computers.

III. Reviews


IX. Recordings, Instruments and Scores

Two Albums, LP's Mission One and Two
60 TV Shows, Beta Cam SP

Clarinet A & Bb, Bass Clarinet

 Oboe & English Horn

 Flute, Piccolo. and Alto Flute

 Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone and Baritone Saxophone

 Greg Henry Waters music in the performing arts library at Lincoln Center NYC 60th Street Third floor & Broadway the Music Center Collection. at Lincoln Center! Also at the the University of North Texas Library, Music Section, Denton, Texas They have stored my music but have done nothing with it, such a waste for me.   

See scores on my web-site.