Compositions by Greg Henry Waters

Greg Henry Waters Original Manuscripts at the University of North Texas Library, Denton, TexasYou can write for more info on which piece you might be interested to look at. The list is at the bottom of this page.

Why my collection is Unique and Rare. I have had a dual composing and performing career in that I am both a composer of Classical, Jazz and Experimental Electronic Music, Produced TV Programs, 30 Education Programs for Adults and Children, Plus 30 Instrumental Performance Jazz Programs for Children and Adult, with some fusion programs using video and audio.

I was never locked into commercial music composing like a John Williams or Lenny Bernstein. Because I am a pure Jazz player not a want a be jazz player like so many classical composers try to be. (John Adams for example) Also my classical music is pure classical modern music with my own system of harmony and form. I do not try to combine the two art forms but keep them separate.

I do not use arrangers or other composers to complete my work like so many film, Broadway and commercial composers do. It is completely my product.

I am a multi instrumentaist and have had my performances reviewed and complimented by many Newspapers and Radio Reviews. I have recorded over 28 CD'S using the Clarinet, Flute, Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxophones. This is rare for I know of no one who has produced this type of out put.

Recently I have updated my skills with the new form of flute Ensembles. In the last 50 years the flute makers have developed new and exciting musical instruments. Really mostly known to the flute community. I also have an electronic music studio which I use for my compositions.

I created a 13 piece chamber jazz orchestra which is the only one of its kind with the Alto, Tenor Baritone Saxes with Trumpet, Trombone and Bass Trombone. I ran the orchestra here in NYC for some three years using all my compositions and arrangements. We performed locally in the New York Area for local concert presentations.

No one in our country has this type of collection and music. It deserves to be continued, TV Shows, Chamber Jazz Orchestra, Classical Performances of my Music. More development for the Children's music show which is so vital to our health of our nation. I wrote many articles about music in the last 10 years over 90 or more and also made some of it into a Book which one can find on my web site. My music is Rare, Unique and Special if only given the opportunity to show itself with support from institutions and public. I have traveled and lived in four different countries all adding to my musical experience. USA, Canada, Mexico, ACA, Shenzhen, China

My Recording, Book, Articles, Travels can be found on my Web Site

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List  All these compositions below here can be found in the New York City Performing Arts Library.The TV shows, Jazz Chamber Orchestra, Onion Skins, Original Scores, Pictures and assorted personal items are at the University Of North Texas.Looking for investors and publishers to help finish this work including Universities and other such interested people who invest in living works and not the traditional approach the institutions make. Please write me for more infomation.

Double Violin Concerto

Violin Concerto

Jazz Quartet Concertos

Jazz Trio Concertos

Piano Sonata

Violin Duet

Sonata Solo Violin Sonata

Solo Flute Dance

Clarinet Flute Duet Flute and Guitar

Flute Oboe

Guitar Solo

Organ Piece

Piano Piece Theme and 6 Var. for Flute, Oboe and Piano

Alto Sax and Flute

Waltz for Flute and Piano

Holy, Holy, Holy

Speech on Creativity and the Artist

Lecture The Dark Age of Music

Sonata for Five Recorders and Harpsichord

Violin and Viola Duet

Small Sonata for Viola and Piano

Trio for Voice, Viola and Cello

Two Pieces for Violin, Viola, Cello

Oboe and Flute

Latin Jazz Music 20 songs

Concerto for Woodwind Quintet

Symphony for Military Band Strings

Trio for Oboe, Clarinet and Tenor Sax

Trio for Mezzo, Flute and Piano

Trio for Oboe, Flute and A Clarinet

String Quartet

Quartet for Trumpet, Flute, Alto Sax and Percussion

Jazz Woodwind Quintet

32 Jazz Tunes

12 Jazz Tunes

40 compositions and arrangements for 10 piece jazz ensemble

Organ Choral Pieces

Dance Band Library for 8 Musicians (Show Tunes)

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