My trip to Shenzhen, China Januanry 8 to February 26, 2003 by Greg Henry Waters

Just would like to update interested people about my trip to China.  I was so surprised about almost everything there.  Shenzhen is a large modern city of about 7 million people.  They have all the buildings and roads that make up a modern city.  As you may know, I grew up during the cold war and all we thought about China was the Red Flag they had and that their system of government was opposed to our system.  Just think about it, there are 1 billion more people in China than in the USA!

Shenzhen is right next to Hong Kong. But what I learned is that their country has all the same problems that we have: housing, work, unemployment, education, health, family problems, immigration problems within their own country due to the large population, Taiwan and China still having their cold war, the rural population living in the old world, diet, and of course transportation and roads.  China is going to put men in space this year and they are developing their hi-tech industry as fast as they can.  Anyway, I think one should read the newspapers from there to get a feel of what is going on.  I believe because we had such a long cold war with China we may not think clearly about this country, it is not the same country of 20 years ago.  They are going into the international market place by joining the World Trade Organization.  So from one point of view they will have the same business functions as we do, or any other western country, if not already.

Here are the newspaper sites you can visit.
The Standard English
South China Morning Post English/Largest Paper
The Taiwan News Could not get this to open but maybe you can!
The papers in Shenzhen where I lived for 7 weeks. English Version
 You can read this file about a newspaper article that was written about me.  Also read the other material on that page it was a difficult day in China with a lot of bad news.  PDF FILE