A Powerful Background


The Chicago Conservatory, now Chicago Conservatory College, was founded in 1857 by Robert Goldbeck, who was recognized on both continents as a virtuoso pianist and distinguished composer. As a protege of the Prussian Baron Vonbiumbold and Giacomo Meyerbeer, he was well equipped to engage and educationally supervise a faculty of artist teachers. Glancing back, one finds among the illustrious names which have contributed to the success of Chicago Conservatory College, those of Leopold Godowsky, an early president, Gleason, Sherwood, Jacobson, Eddy, Heinrich, Carpi, Kaiser, Dvorak and Sebad.

Under the aegis of Edgar Nelson, who has been termed "the dean of America's choral and oratorio music," Bush Conservatory merged with Chicago Conservatory in 1932 thus creating one of the most prominent music schoo's in the United States. To an already eminent faculty this affiliation added the names of Rive King, Zeisler, Hillested, Musin, Hess Burr, Sevcik, Lamond, Spiering, Von Mickwitz, Holmquist, Clark, Oumiroff and Middleton.

Following the long tradition of bringing to the student the finest musical education extant, Chicago Conservatory College faculty comprises distinguished teachers in all departments, who measure up to the high academic standards set by their predecessors throughout the years. As the artistic success of a school depends largely upon the quality of the faculty, so does its complete Success depend upon the quality of its administrators those to whom is entrusted the power of choosing the faculty, maintaining and enhancing the policies and standards. These powers are delegated to the Advisory Council, which includes the Administrative Officers of the College.