Greg Henry Waters goes back to school

here in NYC since I lost interest in music or the music business and did not know what to do, for I could not find what

I thought was real music. So I took some courses at the local college here in the Bronx to help me search for my interest in music.

I call it the quest to find real music. My problem was I was envolved in too many forms of music. I wish now that I would of

centered my attention into one area of music and maybe even one instrument.


So now, I am so happy to have this opportunity to write about Baroque music for classical music is what I really love, and this is the foundation of my musical training so I hope you can enjoy my thoughts, I did.

I am attending Lehman College Music ( School to get a perspective on what is really music all about? for I gotten lost in the musical world of politics, conformity and the over all stupidity that is in music.

I found the Baroque period of music again the foundation of western music.
The Baroque Age was fantastic they produced so much original music and got it performed. Our age is the stupid age of music what do we produce really? What we produce is not the quality that the Italians, French and Germans did. Yes they had conflict and jealousies like we do, but their rulers supported the artists. Now we have rich uneducated ladies running the arts. What a joke for me! I cannot find anything in my heart nice to say about our age of music.

I wrote two papers in my career to try to come to terms with these issues, what is a creative person suppose to do in our society? my lecture, by Greg Henry Waters Creativity and the Artist (1977)and The Dark Age of Music (1988) then I followed it up with my book called The Death of Music in the 20the Century (2007).

Even though I have more degrees than some of my teachers and more real and professional musical experience my teachers treat me like I am some kind of student and not a professional person to some degree. I think the word teacher is overrated
Anyway, they remind me of music critics or I call it the PhD syndrome.

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And when I express my opinions that do not agree with my teachers I am suddenly become an out caste that is for sure. Well, what can I do live a lie? Their way of dealing with me is not to speak to me or return my requests. Such are the politics of life I guess.

Anyway, Dr. Shockett my adviser gave me some classes, percussion class, Baroque Music and Piano and Computer Lab. I only was interested in computer lab really, but I took his advice since it is his school that he is responsible for. And I am really enjoying studying again and not having to deal with other musicians and the commercial world, which for me is getting more discussing every year.

The reason for this web page is because of my Baroque Class has these assignments. I wasn't going to do the assignments because I am not a real student I am an adult student, non degree student. But my teacher was upset that I did not do them so I did them and here are my papers for these assignments. I really enjoy writing and

expressing my beliefs about music. So it is over 3500 words so I thought I should ad this to my music news page on my web site.

If the pdf files do not download just save them on your computer first! For a deeper understanding read the pdf files!

One important point if one looks at Biber's violin music it looks a lot like Bach's solo violin music. Also, I learned too that one should not listen to this music with expectations of having it sound like Bach or Beethoven or to think it is inferior in someway because it does not. I fell into this trap too until I listened more and learned to enjoy the music for what it sounds like and not what my or your expectations of it should be.

Anyway, by supporting this music we can keep this culture alive which for me was kind of dead to my life for many years. Now I have a new project to work on besides my piano practice.

Since I have been at lehman I composed 4 piano pieces, and a percussion piece with solo instrument, in my case clarinet and computer. So I am trying to be productive in my later years.

Support real music if you can, most people do not know what it is including a lot of professional musicians and teachers.

You can find these papers here at

combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda

Listen to combattimento part!
score Combattimento
" and "Lamento della Ninfa

Score for Lamento

Text for Lamento Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda" and "Lamento della Ninfa"

Listen to Lamento della slow and sad

Title Page to Monteverdi's Book

Gaultier: the first is his arrangement for lute and the second is an arrangement by Jean-Henri D'Anglebert for harpsichord.

Listen to the Lute

Listen the the fancy harpsichord Bach Remembered by His Son and Bach's Obituary What differences are there between the experience of attending the opera in 18th-century Italy and 21st-century America? Audiences behavior.pdf

The Second Practice which is a term used for new harmony. l(Giovanni Maria Artusi) object?  How does the author of the second excerpt (Giulio Cesare Monteverdi) defend his brother's actions? To what exactly does the author of the first excerpt  (Giovanni Maria Artusi) object?  How does the author of the second excerpt (Giulio Cesare Monteverdi) defend his brother's actions? /

In this letter, the nearly 70-year-old composer recalls his career in the hopes of entering retirement.

Listen to some of Schutz's music I call it straight ahead style. Nothing too fancy!

Schutz his letter.pdf

About Opera Part II for Opera.PDF

I don't have a proof reader so please understand the mistakes if you find them!

Many examples of Baroque music here.

Greg's Listening Index of most of these files! Work in Progress!

A General Letter about my Lehman experience and our present state of Music in our country.

In the Baroque course they had 45 scores that were the essence of this course with some listening files and the author of the book did not include the sound files. anyway for people that do exacting work this did not seem very exacting to me and wasted days and hours of my time. This really upset me for I could not more forward with this material because it didn't exist and this was very disappointing for me.

I just felt because the students were so young and so busy they could not see the problem nor did they care about it. For me it was very important, but I think I was the only one to think so. I mentioned it to a few teachers but they did very little. I believe that is so important for the music and scores are what is important and how they contributed to music history! But no one listens to me I have learned. Listen to the opening minutes of the Yankee game and see if you are proud of our country and the music they are going to play. I believe some form of rap music. And I learned this summer there is a form of computer game music too. That composers are earning lots of money from too.

We live in a multi-cultural music community now, with Latin, Jazz, Classical Music, Salsa, Pop. etc.. I was in percussion class and the professor refused to entertain a session on Latin Percussion. Which to me again, is leaving out almost 1/2 of the percussion curriculum

Leaving out the scores as important for me is the same thing and the author did not have a CD with his book, I worked on finding the
music for over two months and still did not connect the scores with the music. I even created a midi file for one composition. I wasted so much of my time on this for what? Who cares about the students certainly not all the professors. But who listens to me? I cannot believe Schulenberg went to all that trouble and was too cheap to include a CD. My 170 dollars was not enough money for those books.

If you people do not set the standard for music who can. I cannot understand why the music schools are so silent about the real condition of music. Why do they not speak out what are they afraid of themselves I think. With the pop world taking over the music world what can serious instrumental musicians do? The symphonic world is living in some kind of egg shell of self importance. I was watching the John Adams performance with the LA Philharmonic on TV the other night and he had some jazz music in the performance, but did he have a jazz saxophone player perform the solo, no, these are professional musicians? 'Look at me how intelligent I am and how interesting and profound I am.' Where is the real humility. John Adams was reading some form of poetry.

For me what a Joke, but no one listens to me.

You see, I am a performer, composer, conductor of western music including jazz, Latin music and Jazz.

The composition class in not in the computer lab and the professor was promoting revival broad way shows and Bruce Springstein, Every time I see Springstein on TV he reminds me of a guy who is over sexed the mucho man, a poor example of Bob Dylan. This I could not believe. And a Professor of Musicology, I heard on a talk show say, that rap music is an art form. Also they are teaching rap to pre-school kids. Should this be any concern of a music school? I think so, but I believe I am the only one who does.

For isn't that what Mozart and Bach did. Performed, composed and created their own music. I do not need to play the classics from any era of music for I can perform my own music. And my music has been said to be equal to anyone from critics to professors.

You see I do not sign my name Prof. of Music, but Artist of Music which is the heart of music.

But what I found out at Lehman is there are many wonderful people there, but my question is what is the goal of a music school? With the present state of popular music in our country I think the goals should change some. Many of the music students there are not into classical music really from my experience. In composition class they all wanted to compose a pop tune so they could make money. I told them if they want to make money get a job. Music is an art form not just a way to make money. This is why I dropped that class too.

It is too bad our government is so brain dead when it comes to music. Without money we can do nothing! Thank you for given me the opportunity to think about these things. And this is not a reflection on anyone at Lehman it is just the way things are. I cannot understand that New York City is not more of a real music town in that they do not speak out for real music. The Baroque era was the golden age of music and creativity were composers just composed and performed their own music. Now all our music is so polluted and no one speaks about it or they just live with their head in the sand or their ego driven minds about themselves. When one goes to a composers concert there are about five or six composers on the bill. How can anyone get a sense of the composer's music is my question? Such a shame this is for our country; we are still not a mature country after 250 years or more.


Greg Herny Waters Artist of Music